2FA Fortnite Boogiedown Emote Xbox One Unlock

By | April 8, 2019

Epic Games, the developer company behind Fortnite Battle Royale is trying to heavily promote two-factor-authentication on all platforms since it was introduced to us in August 2018. There have been countless events the players could participate only if they’ve enabled 2FA on their accounts. These events include free rewards and in-game features such as gifting which was available a few months ago. We highly recommend you to enable it regardless if there is a free reward or not.

Whether you’re playing Fortnite Battle Royale on console or PC, 2FA applies to all platforms. Unfortunately, there is no way to enable two-factor-authentication on consoles. The only way to enable it is through the Epic Games website. You can learn how to enable it by clicking here.

Once you enable 2FA on your Epic Games account, you will receive the Boogiedown emote for free. Also, you will be able to participate in upcoming events such as the upcoming Epic Games Store Megasale where you will receive $10 that can be used in the store. If you have any further questions regarding two-factor-authentication, you comment down below.

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