How To Change Epic Unverified Email to Verified

By | April 8, 2019

How To Change Epic Unverified Email to Verified spotlight while you will ship and get you more I’ll show you look good was the Vice Democrat back here with another video so today’s waiting room by two how you can change the unverified, email to your wife or one so I already created my new account so that your time shouldn’t waste, so this will do the quick tutorial how, you can do this actually and my previous video many people meant that this doesn’t work the HTML things and why you are putting two, emails so I will explain one by one how it is walk so what you, need to do just first you need to connect to your any VPN so I have connected to the VPN so you will need to change your IP, address so proxies so you if you want to download the VPN I will provide the, link in description you can download the VPN from this so let’s just.

Start with this so what do you need I just unread Pheidon account look like this if you think so that this one you can see my or name – in video.

That will also work so what do you need to do not just go to change your email new immigrants so, here it is inspector so I will tell you now here you need to enter that email.

On which you want to send that code nothing emails that you need to transfer your foreign account so here you need to.

Add the email on which you transfer your. Fortnight account so here it is new email address please holdem what you need to do just type here that email so as you can see I type the email on which I need to transfer, my corner an account not to send the course so just do like this, and enter this email again here just see the email carefully if you have any trust issues, so here it is right then so you see I secure together and sent to this that is the UH network also what you need to, do just select and just inspect it and here you can see, and now change the email from here I just change email I am changing to now this email is the second, email on which you need to mean send the code for your man’s job here.

On which you need to send that code I just any from here it is this I need to change.