Fortnite 2FA Hack

By | April 8, 2019

Two-factor authentication is one of the key security steps in Fortnite Battle Royale to take if you don’t want your account to get hacked or hijacked.

We are living in the times where security and privacy is one of the most important things as all of our information is stored on our computers or our smartphones. Fortnite accounts shouldn’t be taken any different not because of the financial status of it but the amount of work and effort that goes into an account makes you not want to lose it at any cost.

There are many account generators and hacks that could potentially steal your account information if you download software or apps that could do these things in the background. However, even if your account information falls into the hands of wrong people, they will not be able to login to your account if the 2FA is enabled as it asks you for a verification code from your e-mail or authenticator app.

Things drastically change if the 2FA is disabled on your account. Anybody with your account information can log in to your account regardless of where they live and what their intentions are. We highly recommend enabling two-factor-authentication not only because it provides a great way to secure your account on top of your password but many Epic Games events require your account to enable 2FA.

If you want to enable two-factor-authentication on your account to protect yourself from hacks, click the link below to redirect to Epic Games.

Epic Games 2FA