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By | May 24, 2022

Hello everyone, I recently reached 1000 subscribers, and I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me thus far. Because of this, and because we’re approaching the end of the summer, I figured it’d be a good time to share my monolithicspreadsheet of all the Fortnite building techniques I gathered three months ago. I also have a few announcements to make, but first, I’d like to quickly go over some background information for the spreadsheet, which you can find in the description below. So, I created this spreadsheet because, unlike in other communities where advanced techniques have emerged, such as Melee or Starcraft, Fortnite’s advanced techniques are poorly documented in a variety of ways. A lot of information is spread out or learned by word of mouth.

Miscellaneous Tips And Tricks Videos Stumbled Upon There are no clear systems for organizing this data, so the majority of it is simply grouped into broad categories, such as “high Groundretakes.” ” And so forth.” I decided that trying to get a job would be a good way to help alleviate this. Better Solution For That Last Issue: How Do We Organize Advanced Techniques? As someone with a research background, I devised this strategy: I would compile a large list of advanced techniques. I’d watch all of the Fortnite videos and try to compile a list of building techniques based on what I saw. I’d then analyze my list, which I refer to as an “inventory,” and use my observations to create a set of building technique categories. I limited my work to construction techniques because I believed there was simply too much else to do. When looking at the actual spreadsheet, the first page contains my source list. I’ve included links as well as the video’s type of source. I’ll list the various types of sources I used below.

Include an outline of the methodology in the description as well. There are a little over 200 different sources in total. I’d say it took me about 20 hours just to watch them all and take notes. My first draft of the building techniques is on the following page. I include a source, a possible technique name, and a timestamp or a link to where that technique can be found. The Source Is The Technique Then, on the following page, I begin to drill down a little bit more. I Did A Process Called “Coding” Here, Which Is distinct from “coding” in that it is “an analytical process in which data, in both quantitative and qualitative form, are categorize to facilitate analysis,” according to Wikipedia. ” So, basically, what that meant for me was figuring out what information I wanted to more formally capture here, and I ended up with the building pieces used, edits used, starting and ending states, and some loosesedescriptions of purpose.” There Are These Blacktabs Throughout The Document That Contain Notes I Took Along The Way As I Felt Needed Following this first coding pass, I attempted to haphazardly use a research method known as Grounded Theory, with which I have a smattering of experience, to begin constructing my first attempts at categories. I had two columns for categories to give myself some wiggle room, and I redid the coding process for each item. I also attempted to identify duplicates as they appeared. Following that, I used my second coding pass to create a set of categories for construction techniques. There are 16 of them in total. Before I move on, I’d like to say a few words about these categories. First and foremost, I do not believe these categories exist in a flat hierarchical structure. I believe

Some of these are, albeit minor, subcategories of other categories. For example, I consider cone jumps to be a subcategory of catches. Second, there are a few of these. For me, categories are a little shaky. Mixups, Connect, and Pass-through, in particular, are all categories that have a small number of techniques assigned to them and feel like they could be something else. That is to say

Said, “Organizing Information Is Extremely Difficult.” I believe that the difficulty of organizing one’s belongings is frequently underestimated. And there will never be a perfect system; all models are incorrect, but some are helpful. So, I believe this system has flaws, but it is more comprehensive than what is currently available. Currently, we have Finally, I took my final list of techniques and reapplied my organizing system to test my categories. I included a total of 187 techniques, all of which I ultimately deemed unique. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is the most comprehensive list currently available, and I believe it provides adequate coverage. So, do whatever you want with it. Now is the time for announcements. First and foremost, I’d like to announce that I’ll be starting my new job in the fall.

Ph. e Since I applied to graduate school last year, visited schools, and made a final decision almost a year ago, this isn’t exactly breaking news. But I wanted to let you know that I wanted to let you know that I wanted to let you know that I Because there are some ramifications to this, the most significant of which is that once school and research begin, I will be much busier. I have no plans to stop creating content, but it will most likely be slower to come out, or less in-depth and comprehensive. Second, I’ve made a Discord server because it was requested. Rather than attempting to predict what roles and channels will be required, I’m going to take a much more haphazard approach and let the community figure it out for themselves. So, for the time being, there will only be one channel and no roles, and I will add them as needed. There’s a link to it in the description below. Finally, if you haven’t already,

You Might Want To Check Out My Personal Subreddit, /r/insidefortnite, To Stay Up To Date With Content-Oriented Posts If You Haven’t Already This subreddit is intended to be a collection of only high-quality Fortnite-related content, which I believe is a good way for people to see what’s being shared on Reddit in a less spammy way. So, that’s it, thank you all again for your support, and good luck!