How to Remove Two-Factor Authentication in Fortnite Account

By | April 8, 2019

Two-Factor Authentication is the best feature of Fortnite Battle Royale when it comes to protecting your account from hijacking. It works simple and can provide an extra layer of security on top of your account. Even if you are trying to log in on your account from a device other than the one that is registered, 2FA will automatically ask you for a validation code to give you access. If you are playing from public places like internet cafes, 2FA can get really annoying as it forces you to do some extra work whenever you log in, disabling this feature might save you some time!

Although Epic Games try to make it like there is no coming back from enabling 2FA, you can actually disable or remove it. Now if you’re asking yourself the question ”How to disable two-factor authentication”, don’t worry, we got you on this one. 

Enabling 2FA is simple, so disabling it should be simple too right? Exactly! All you have to do is to log in on your Epic Games account and click on your nickname on the top menu. Once you do so, click on Password&Security on the left menu and click on Disable Authenticator App or Disable E-Mail Authentication depending on which one is your preferred option. Although it looks grey, it’s a clickable button. Epic Games tries very hard to their best on protecting our account but they can’t handle everything, we as players have to take some measures for this as well.

If you’re mostly playing at the same device, we highly recommend you to not to disable two-factor authentication as it provides great security measures but it’s your call! Stay tuned for other guides on 2FA.