How to enable 2fa on fortnite mobile

By | April 30, 2022

Hello, my name is Rosalind Bell, and I’d like to invite you to visit my YouTube channel. You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to Apple products and social media and want to learn new skills. Iphone Security is the topic of today’s video. Settings And I’m Going To Walk You Through A Few Settings And Changes That I’ve Made To My Phone Just To Make Me Feel A Little More At Ease And Protected Against Hackers Trying To Get Into My Phone, And At The End Of The Video There’s Just A Couple Of Nice TipsThat I’ve Amended As Well Anyway, let’s get my phone out and I’ll show you what I’ve done. So, if we go into our utilities app and then into settings, scroll down until you find the privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom until you seethe privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom until you seethe privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom until you seethe privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom until you seethe privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom until you seethe privacy section, click on privacy, scroll down to the bottom Last but not least, look for the one that says “advertising” and click on it. Green will limit Apple’s ability to track your behavior on your phone by checking this box. They Advertise To You Using This Behavior If you turn it off, they will still send you advertisements, but they will not be tailored to any information they have gathered from the way you use your phone. Now return to Intoprivacy, and the other setting you should look at is Analytics. On this screen, make sure none of these options are checked. They're additionally They can track your location and check your activity on your phone. So, from here, go back to Settings and look for Touch Idand Passcode, which you can find by clicking on it, and then you’ll be asked to enter your password. Put that in your Touch Idnumber, and then you’ll be taken to another screen where you’ll need to click on Change Passcode. Now, I haven’t updated my phone to iOS 13 yet, but I will do so soon, and there are more options for yourpasscode now. When it was previously four digits, you can now make it six digits, and there is also a third option. That's how you make it alphabetical-numerical, and that's the best option. So, if you want to change that, go ahead and change your password settings, then click Done. So, while we’re still in the Touch Id and Passcode section, we’ll scroll down until we reach the Allow Actions From The Locked Screen section. This is crucial because you can’t do anything when your screen is locked. Swipe Up To Your Control Centre, Now In Your Control Centre You'll Have Your Airplane Mode Which You Can Turn On From, The Control Centre, So If Someone Stole Your Phone And They Turn It On To Airplane Mode You Won't Be Able To Find It Using Your Find Your Phone App, And If You Need To Check How To Do That Then Checkout My Other Video Which Is Called Where's My Phone?so I Like To Switched off Also, Siri is something I like to turn off as well. Though Siri doesn’t give you full access to your phone through the locked screen, it can tell you what number you last dialed and other things, so it’s best to turn that off as well. If you have any home controls connected, such as a button that you can press to open your front gates or garage, it’s best to turn those off as well so they can’t access them from your lockedscreen. So just scroll through and double-check that the settings that apply to you are correct. So now we’re going back into Settings, clicking on our name at the top, and then clicking Password And Security. Now we can see the Two Factor Authentication option, which you should enable and use.

Steps To Turn On A Second Security Blanket On Your Phoneso If Someone Has Your Passcode To Get Into Your Phone, They Can Call Apple And Pretend To Be You, But If You Have Two Factors On There, They'll Need To Answer The Second One, Which They Won't Have Because They've Only Got Your First One From Some Third Party, So Make Sure, You've Got That Turned On And Follow The Instructions So, let’s go back into the settings and look for Display and Brightness. If you’ve upgraded to iOS 13 now, a 1 You’ll notice that a new dark mode is available, which you can select if you want to change your screen. I’m going to leave, mine turned on, and I’ll just show you here. The Shift in the Night You can actually schedule your phone to go into night mode from a specific point and time during the day if you go into that. You can make it exactly how you want it. If You Want It To Start And End At A Specific Time, Or You Can Do It From Sunset To Sunrise, Simply Make The Changes Here If You Want To Use Thenight Shift Mode.

Back to Display And Brightness Now We Can See Here We Have The Auto Lock Button, So You Can See Myphone Is Set For Five Minutes, So If I Haven't Touched It In Five Minutes, That Means If I Haven't Touched It In Five Minutes, That Means If I Haven't Touched It In Five Minutes, That Means If I Haven't Touched It In Five Minutes, That Mean For the next five minutes, my phone will automatically lock the screen and require a password or something to unlock it so that it can be used again. So take a look, and whatever length of time you want to keep your auto lock on, this is where you can change it. So, if you haven’t already, go back into settings and look for accessibility. If you've updated your phone, it will still be under General, but it will look the same, so scroll down until you come to Hearing, There Are Lots Of Other Things In Here That You Might Want To Change, But I Just Wanted To Show You This One In Particular, Which Is The Led Flash For Alerts, So If You're In The Cinema Or In A Meeting And You Don't Want Your Phone To Ring, Then Just Switch These Over To The Green And So the last thing I’ll show you is back in Settingsand in General, and it’s just below the top where it says Software Update. So, if you click that, it will ensure that you receive your updates automatically. I’m on 13 here, as you can see. I also require the installation of 13 a 1 So, if I select Automatic, Updates It Will Do It For Me In The Evening If I Have It Plugged In,This One Says It Will Do It Tonight Or I Could Manually Push It Through And Make It Do It That Way So Just Make Sure You Have The Automatic Setting On So those were just a few things you could do with your phone to alter a few settings. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video; if you did, please let me know.

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