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By | May 27, 2022

Hey Guys, I’m Back With Another Gaming Review Today I’ll Be Reviewing The New Chapter Of Fortnight Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Has A Lot To Offer, Such As New Mythics, New Weapons, And A Whole New Map To Explore, As Well As New Game Mechanics Anyways, I Hope You Guys Enjoy And Let's Get Started Firstly, I'll Be Speaking On The New Mythics One The Foundation As You Can See Here The Foundation, Who Is Disguised As The Rock Can Be Found In The Sanctuary Where He Roams If You Dare Challenge This Opponent Once killed, he drops his Mythic The Gun The Mk-7, which the player can pick up and use throughout the game Here Are A Few Clips Of Me Fighting The Foundation Enjoy Oh As You Can See Here

When The Foundation Is Killed, He Drops The Foundation’s Mk7 Assault Rifle, Which You Can Pick Up And Use For The Rest Of The Game This Gun Definitely Has Drive And Power Next On Our List Is The Spider-man Mythic, Which Provides Quick Transportation Around The Map, And Is Great To Swing Around And Explore The Map With You Can Find This Spider-man Mythic Next To Spider Webs All Over The Map They Can Be Found In Small Backpacks Covered

What Makes Fortnite Chapter 3 So Good Is The Way Epic Games Has Optimized The Swinging Mechanics Of The Spider-man Web What Makes Fortnite Chapter 3 So Good Is The Way Epic Games Has Optimized The Swinging Mechanics Of The Spider-man Web Shooters, unfortunately, We Will Not Have This Mythic Forever As It Is Just A Collaboration With It And We Will Be Going Next Season Following On From The Spider-Man Mythic Are The New Weapons Such As The Mk-7 Assault Rifle Which Comes In All Rarities And Puts You In First Person With The Red Dot Sight The Mk-7 Is The First Gun Ever In Fortnite To Be In First Person Next Up The Ranger Assault Rifle Is Like The Standard Assault Rifle From Chapters 2 And 1 And Is Quite Powerful After That Is The Strike Of Pump Shotgun, Which Is The Worst Version Of The Original Pop Shotgun, As It Takes A Long Time To Shoot After Every Shot And Doesn't Do As Much Damage Auto Shotgun On The Other Hand Is Just Like The Tactical Shotgun And It's Pretty Rapid Speaking Of Rapid Seasons bring new maps, and Epic has done just that with this season’s additions.

New Locations Like The Daily Bugle And The Sanctuary Epic not only added new locations to the map, but they also brought in fan favorites from Chapters One And Two.

Two such as Shifty Shafts and Butterball, and finally, a new feature that everyone is raving about is New Tents. These things act like backpacks and store your valuables so you can access them in other ways. As you can see, matches can throw anything, including kills and guns. As you can see, I’m putting my Spider-Man mythic in the tent so I can use it.

As you can see, you can press pack and go take the tent out of your inventory and carry it around with you. The Tents Are My Favorite Feature Because They Are Very Easy To Access And You Can Find Them Anywhere Across The Map Unfortunately, There Are Some Disadvantages To This Chapter, Such As How Everyone Must Adapt To A New Menu Layout And In-Game They Must Adapt To The New Guns And Discover The Entire Map Another Way

Reload You’re Gonna Die Another Letdown Is The Spiderman Webslingers Not Being Around This Entire Time This Is The Most Entertaining And Fun Mythic Fortnite Has Ever Had And It’s Only Going To Be Around For One Chapter As It’s A Collaboration Next Chapter Is Going To Be Gone Anyways Guys That’s All From Me If You Guys Enjoyed The Video Smash The Like Button And Don’t Forget To Subscribe Anyways Guys That’s All From Me If You Guys Thank You For Watching Bye-bye This Is A Skillstruct Presentation. If You Like What You Hear And See, Don’t Forget To Like, Share, And Subscribe.