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By | May 25, 2022

In today’s video, we’ll look at some of the simple things you can do to free up space on your iPhone if it’s running out of space. Now we’ll go to “settings” for that one. We’ll go to “general” – “iphone, Storage” and wait a few seconds for it to show you what’s taking up space on your iPhone. As you can see, apps and photos take up more space, followed by iOS and then system data. I don’t believe you can do that much with system data and iOS. However, you can undoubtedly do something in terms of application and photography. As a result, there are some suggestions here as well. If you check to see if you have enabled photo saving to Icloud, you will be able to save some space. I can save ten dollars for myself. 64 GB of storage Instead of saving all of my photos on my iPhone, I can save them to the iCloud. Now you will get 5 GB of free Icloud storage, and if you want more than that, you will have to pay a fee. Another option is to offload unused apps. Now, if you have a lot of apps on your iPhone and some of them aren’t used very often or haven’t been used in a long time, you can delete them.

Then you’ll be able to offload those apps. If I offload, I can save one. 9 gigabytes The App Will Be Deleted From The Iphone Once You Offload It, But The Data And Documents For The App Will Remain In The Iphone That is to say, once you reinstall the application, all of your data will be restored. Be Present So, if you enable this option, your iPhone will automatically offload any apps that you no longer use. If I go back down, you can see that the photos are taking up more space. So I can tap on the photos and it will give me suggestions such as enabling photo storage in Icloud and removing all of the photos from the “recently Deleted Album.” It Will Delete The Photos Once You Delete Them Remain for about 30 days in the recently deleted album, after which only the photos or videos will be removed from the gallery. So I can press this “empty Button” and all of the photos and videos in the recently deleted album will be deleted. For example, if I go to These Photos and scroll down, you can see that there is a folder called Recently Deleted that contains 64 photos and videos. So these are the photos that are there and will be there for the next 30 days. So, what you need to do is tap on this empty button here, and all of the photos or videos that are in the recently deleted album will be deleted, giving you more space. Also, if you go down, you’ll find “Review Personal Videos” is an option here. As a result, it will display the videos that are taking up the most space on my iPhone. I can tap on it and then go check out the videos that are already there and delete those that I don’t need to free up space on my iPhone. Now let’s return to the previous screen, where you can see the applications that are taking up space on your iPhone. For example, “cam Scanner” is taking 1 second. 23 gigabytes That means that any photos I scan with this camera scanner will remain in the application, and if I save them, they will remain in the photo gallery as well. So, if I don’t need the photos that are stored in the Cam Scanner, I can uninstall it. I can tap it and delete the application in order to free up space on my iPhone. So That You Can Examine All websites and applications take up space, and you can delete those applications to free up space. If you delete these applications, you can reinstall them to see if there are any issues. The data in the application will be deleted, and you will have more space. However, if you have any applications that require the data, such as storing passwords,

When you delete an application, the password associated with that application is also deleted. So, if you don’t know the password, I wouldn’t recommend deleting those applications. So, if you do all of these things, you’ll be able to free up some space on your iPhone. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. If you enjoyed this video, please like and share it.

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