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By | May 30, 2022

Hey, guys, in today’s video, we’re going to talk about the incredible news about Fortnite for consoles that was announced yesterday. So, around 2 p.m., the Fortnite Competitvetwitter Account tweeted, “calling All Agents! It’s Time To Find Your Duos Partner For The#fortnitechampionseries,” followed by a link to a YouTube video. Complete Blog Post First and foremost, this is fantastic news for Fortnite in general, as we haven’t had a major cross-platform competition since the Winter Royale. However, as I Go Into More Detail In The Blog Post, You’ll See Why This Is Ground-Breaking News For Console Players In Particular. As a result, The Blog “fncs Chapter 2 – Season 2 Begins March 20th,” says the post. It’s time to find your Duos partner, all agents! The Fortnite Champion Series returns on March 20, and is open to eligible duos who have each reached Champion League in Arena and enabled 2fa on their accounts. Warmth Up your game, the action begins on March 13th with a training simulation that will last until March 15th. But this is where it really starts to get interesting. There will be two tournament tracks in this season of Fncs: one for PC players and one for console and mobile players. Each track will have its own champions and equal prize money. Keep in mind that your Duos partner must be a member of the same Platform Group as you. This means that PC gamers will be unable to collaborate with console and mobile gamers. During Fncs, the top scoring duos and players from each server region will advance to the season finals. Throughout the entire season, they will be joined by the highest ranked duos players on the overall series leaderboard. The additional rules contain the complete official rules.

Page of Intelligence Finally, expect to hear more from us soon about our evolving 2020 competitive roadmap, in addition to the new season. ” I Don’t Mean To Get Emotional Here Because, At the End Of The Day, It’s Just A Video Game, But I Really Feel Like This Is Something That We’ve Wanted For So Long, It’s surreal to see it finally come to fruition. I’ll never forget making a video almost two years ago, right before competitive Fortnite became a thing, in which they announced that all input devices and platforms would compete against each other in every single tournament. , And I made a video about that single decision that happened so long ago, essentially saying “not only is this bad for controller players, but it effectively eliminates any chance of console players succeeding in competitivefortnite.” ” Fast forward about a year and a half, and that was almost entirely correct.” Many PC and controller players have achieved success at the highest levels of competitive play, but There aren’t many console players. The Winter Royale, on the other hand, gave us our first ray of hope. For two reasons, that tournament was incredible. First, it distinguished console players from PC players, as you probably already knew. Every single person you encountered was using an Xbox or a PlayStation 4, making it a completely level playing field. The other reason, which was probably even more important, was that consoles had the same prize pool as PCs. That part was completely unexpected, and it demonstrates that Epic was beginning to shift their strategy to cater to console players,,, which I always thought should have been a no-brainer decision from the start because console Fortnite players outnumber PC Fortnite players. Players of Fortnite on PC Even after the Winter Royale was a huge success in terms of the number of people who played and the amount of money given out, people were still complaining.

I’m still thinking it was a one-time occurrence. “OK, Fortnite Is Gonna Throw Console A Bone Every Now And Then And Let Them Win As Much Money As PC Players, But When Something Serious Like Fncs Roles Around,everything Will Go Back To Normal,” was the general consensus. Players on computers are dominating and taking home the lion’s share of the prize money. That post I just read essentially dunked on everyone who thought Epic would never give an equal prize pool to both consoles in a serious competitive tournament. And this is essentially the last step that we had hoped for, resulting in a 100% legitimate and recognized console Fortnite scene. Players of Video Games That Currently Have Relatively Small Followings, Such As Byzic, 60fpswithadeam, Apostle, Guccibrows, And Many Others, Will Finally Get Their Chance To Make A Name For Themselves, Not Just In The Console Fortnite Competitive Community, But In The Entire Competitivecommunity In General. And I have a strong suspicion that over the next few weeks you will see a lot of PC players who are adamant about not having the same prize pool as the console players. The Most Effective Way To It Isn't To Argue With Them Or Say Anything To Them, It Is To Counter Those People And Kindaprove Them. To prove that console Fortnite deserves to be its own thing, you should play the event and watch other console players play the event. So Now That I’ve Explained Why This Is So Unbelievably Awesome For All PS4 Owners, Let’s Take A Look At The Specifics Of This Duos Fncs, Xbox Players. Okay, so the first thing I want to stress in case you missed it when I read the initial post is that, according to Epic, you must have reached Champs Division to compete in this event, which means you must have accumulated over 6000 Arena points. The official tournament starts on March 20th, so you guys still have some time. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be grinding Arena in the next week or so. So, for this duos Fncs, the scoring and advancement system works like this:

Essentially, it's multiple different rounds on each weekend, similar to what you've seen in other top online tournaments. So, in general, Round 1 will be open to any and all players. We’re Champions And We’ve Got A Duo Each time will be able to play up to 10 games in a three-hour period, and at the end of Round 1, the top 1000 duos in Europe, North America, and Brazil will advance to Round 2. For all other regions, however, only the top 400 duos are considered. Then there was Round 2 of the competition. There will be a third three-hour or ten-game session in which the top 50 teams from each region advance to the third round. After that, At the end of Round 3, the top 20 duos from Europe, North America East, North America West, and Brazil are guaranteed a spot in the Fncs finals, while only 10 duos from the other regions are guaranteed a spot in the finals. Because there are four weeks, that qualification system will account for 80 of the 200 points. Alternatively, depending on the region, 40 out of 100 teams compete in Stage 2 of Fortnite. The Remainder Of Those Locations Will Be Series Points are awarded to the most consistent non-qualifiers. The description is as follows: At the conclusion of each week, series points are awarded to all teams, regardless of qualification status.

the window To be clear, teams will only be given Seriespoints if they actually participate in a round. If a team reaches Round 3 but fails to queue for or otherwise misses all matches during a Round 3 session, that team will only be awarded Series Points for the matches it played in Round 2. Here’s the complete list of series point values, so a first-place finish in any of them is a win. Each round will award you 500 points, and this continues until you reach the top 10,000, which will award you 10,000 points.

I’ll give you 16 So, rather than being in the top 20 in any given week, more teams will qualify through this series point system, which I think is fantastic. Then, depending on the region, the final 200 or 100 teams are chosen. It Will Then Be Widdled Down One More Time To The Top 50 Duos Who Will Advance To The Grand Finals If It Makes It To Stage 2 As is typical of Fncs, this is a fairly perplexing system, but I believe that once the event arrives, it will be much easier to understand.

Recognize Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the prize pool details. So I’m only going to show Europe and the Middle East because they’re the largest, but if you want to see your region in particular, I’ll make sure to link to the full rules page in the description. So this is the prize pool for the teams that make it to the third round of Stage 1 each week. On the European continent, first place is worth 5 grand, and it drops to 400 for the top 50, while on the North American continent, it’s worth 4 grand. 5k for first place, but only the top 25 duos receive money this time, and it drops to 400 as well. And Here Are The One-Time Prizes For Teams That Make It To Stage 2 And The Grand Finals: First Place On Europe Is $70,000. Even if you finish last, which is worth $200, you will still receive a substantial sum of money. Although the 8k for Nafirst is significantly lower than the 44,000 for Eu, at the very least, even last place is rewarded, despite the fact that it is only 1120 compared to the 1800 for Eu. In addition, in order to

Reiterate that this is the prize pool for both PC and Console + Mobile, and it is identical in every way, which is incredible once again. So, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you watched it all the way through, please let me know in the comments section below. How Do You Feel About Consoles Getting Their Own Fncs With The Same Prize?

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