Ninja fortnite

By | April 20, 2022

I'm Grabbing This Smg's My Floor Loot I Believe In A Thing Called Love It's The Joy That I Would Feel If I Just Foundone Freaking Dude I Found Mine Bro Found It Instantly All The Gleam Jack Yeah No I'm Kidding I Just Wanted It Screwed I'm Kidding I'm Kidding I'm Kidding I&

That's fine, I'm just whipping everywhere, I'm just gonna dodge fights going back to the Riftarea now All Right Jack And Then We Lost The Saucein The Mines Here Praying All Right Good Luck Out There Bro I'm A Regular Chess And Pain Dude This Place Is Actually A Gold Mine Allright Check Keep Your Eyes Peeled All Right Checking I O Dude I'm Going Over To Sleepy Sound To See If There's Like Leftover Chest Okay Dude We're Basically Playing Two Solos Or We Are On The Other Sidewe, Are Literally On Polar Opposite Sides Of The Map Oh, This Is Impossible Dude This Isthis Challenge Is Absurd I The Way Down Here Now Chat Checkingall The Way Over Here I've Officially Exited The Zone Search Oh My God Dude Imagine Chad I Dig This Chestup It's, Mythic I Got It I Dug Over The Chest So You Did Notoh My God You Did Not Oh You're So Bad I'm Gonna Go To The Beachi'm Gonna Go Dig Up The Treasure, Chest On The Beach I Going Deep Bro For Your Budget Oh It's About To Tick For Two About Five Fifty Seconds What About Air Drops I Mean It's Not A Mythic Chest Oh My God Yes Oh My Body's Starting To Likecome Back To Me Good For You Man Really I'm Really, Happy For You Man Oh There'sspidey's Flipping Over There I'm In The Bottom Right Hills Let In Here And They're Both Regular I've Actually Managed To Not Find A Singlelead Chest In Three Games And I've Only Done I've Only Tried, To Find Only Chess I Shouldn't Go To Vegas Right Now Let's Hit The Other Teammate For 60 Blue 80blue Oh One Of Them Get Him Come On Are You Spiking What Would This Game Be Like If I Just Renamed This Video’s First Weapon Challenge Whatever I Have To Use The First Weapon I Get I Haven’t Done Anything But Use That Two Chests 190 190 190 190 Over There Llama Broken Armor 20 White Ultimate Low Nice Always Afraid Of Me I’m Fine I Sighed No I Snapped The Llama On The Ground Broken Armor Very Weak Very Very Good Likeone Shot In This Box You Know Yeah I Got Him Bro I Don’t Know About It He’s On Me On The Tree Or In The Tree I Would Say He’s In The Tree Give Me A Call Secondi'm Trying To Snipe Himself I Want To Find Him And Snipe Him Let’s Go