Naruto fortnite

By | April 24, 2022

We Got Six Of The Best Fortnite Pros In Face Clan To Battle It Out In Drone Wars In Honor Of The New Naruto Fortnite Collab They Haven't Had To Do This In So Long So This Is A Big Deal

The Perfect Time To See Who Is Currently The Best Fortnite Pro In Face Yo Sway, You Said How Many Rounds Is This, Then Yeah, There's 10 Rounds And It Adds Up All The Points From Each Round So Like Whoever Has The Most Points At The End Wins So Let's Go No Way Oh Wait, Dubs, Oh My God You're One Hp Wait Don't Wait Don'

As Long As I Placed Over Dubs [music] Me This Is My Girl Oh Wait Is Mango Oh Hell No I’m Even More Scared I’m Eu Bro