Jinx fortnite

By | April 7, 2022

[music] Another Day, Another Battle Royale Do We Have To Do This Forever Now Just Battle Here And Die Day In And Day Out God I Hope So Yeah That Would Be A Relief Honestly Guess That's Settled Then Damn Nice, Haul And No Other Players It's Nice To Catch A Break Roach You Know There Are Like Other Better Guns I Said I Said I Know What's Up Nerds Shockingly Friendly Group Most People Shoot Is There Any Way We Can Stop Her No Please Don't I Have A Family Okay I Think Maybe During The Last Fight We Take Her Out I'm Sure She Will Be Too Distracted Don't They Do That In Zombie Movies All The Time Yeah It's A Pretty Great Trope Oh Hey Guys What You Talking About Could Use Your Help Back There I'm Just, Kidding They Didn't Stand A Chance

If you're good, then let's get going. I'm sure there were a few more squads left. Actually, Jinx Anya and I were talking and we were just waiting for you to return. No, there were no secrets. I just think we're so close to winning that maybe we could, I don't know, play it a little more conservatively.

Start Over, We’re Here For An Eternity Anyways Maybe Not Now Anya You Guys Don’t Like The Way I Play No We Love The Way You Play Just Maybe You Could Play A Little Bit Different Right Now Just For A Little Well I Guess I Could Play A Little Bit Different, You Know Play Solo In A Squad's Game Wait What Can’t Trust Anyone Oh Well At Least I’ve Got You Three No Where Was

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