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By | May 5, 2022

Youwhat Up Youtube, My Name Is Jack Truong, And In Today's Video I Want To Show You Howto Download Fortnite On Pc So Let's Get Right Into The Video I Just Want To Say That The Channel Is Getting Close To 21 Thousand Subscribers Right Now If You Look On, Thetop Right Over Here Is That $20,988 Occasion I Will Appreciate That Thankyou Very Much Hopefully We Hit 21,000 In A Week Or Hopefully In February Let's Get Back To TheVideo So The Best Way, I Think, To Show You Guys How To Download For Tonight Is To Do It Myself I Completely Doubt Deleted Or Under Saw A Fortnight Off Mypc And I'm Gonna Do It What Do You Guys If You Guys Haven't Already Downloaded For Tonight It Is For You Tonight Season 2 Chapter 2 I Believe So Let's Start With Going On For Night Website So Long Just Happen For Night And It Just Shows Up The Seat It Should, Be Wwp Gamescom You Click On That Thisloading Alright You Should Be On The Front Page What You Want To Do Isdownload You Hit Download And You Click On The One, You're Playing On Right Now For Me I'm Playing On Pc And The One, You're Play When I signed in, they asked for our two-factor verification code, which I received in my email. So I'm Gonna Copy And Paste That I Justsigned In To My Email Just See On The Second Tab Right Here I'll Copy Payscontinue Alright So I'm Already Sign In So You See, My Username Coach Atf's On The Top Right Next To Demo Button After You Here You Want To Download So, For This Purpose We I'm Not Sure Why I Downloaded Twice, But Click On Down The File Then You Open It Then We Go From Thereright Here To Say Smart Screen Can Be Reached Now Smart Screen Hit Run Okayand It's Asking You Where You Want To Download For Me, I'm Gonna Download On My Terabyte So I'm Gonna Put It On My Terabyte In The Open New File And Label As A This Is Stuff I Used To Download For Foreign Aid So Hit Installhit Yes AndInstall All Right, I'm Gonna Come Back Once It's Done And We'll Go From There Okay So After It's Done Installing It's Updating On The For Thatfile Is Right Since This Chapter 2 Season 2 It's A Huge Update

So it'll keep that in mind, and right now it takes You’ll need about 363 MB to play this game, so if you don’t have that, you’ll have to delete some files in order to play Fortnight Alright, just say I got it. I'm Gonna Just Get Into The Game To Show Youguys That I'm Actually In There So I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I'll Be Back After I I Sign In Okay So They Asked For A Verification Code After I Install It For The Second Time So I'm Gonna Do That Again A Common Piece For My Email Then Hitcontinue There You Goalright Now The Game Is Loading I'm In The Epic, Games Launcherand Let's Make Sure If One Is Downloaded The See Alright So It Didn't Actually Install Before At Night Yet It All I Did Was Install The Epic

They're Asking You Where You Want To Download Fortnight Cuz You Just Downloaded The Epic Game Launcher So I Wanna Download For A Night On Theepics Game Folder Dad I Just Made Earlier So Let's Find That Click On Thislike Folder Install Alright Send Just To My Friendsi Got No Friends All Right So It's Installing You Can Click On The Downloadright Here On The Left And It Shows You The Percentage When It's Done Alright So I Want To Be Right Back Again Cuz I Don't Want You Guys To Wait Too Long For This Video, So I'm Gonna Come Back When This Is Done Downloading So I'll Be Backoh Yeah One Thing Okay, I'll Be Back When It's Done Downloadingor Engine Stalling Okay, Thank You I'll Be Back When It's Done Downloadingor Engine Stalling So I Just Finished Downloading For, Tonight So Gonna Load Up The Game Just Show You Get It So How'd, You Start The Game As Well This Is Donedownloading The Game So Let's Go Ahead And Click So I’m just waiting for this game to load up and show you guys the loading screen games that are about to load up. To be honest, I haven’t checked out Chapter 2 Season 2 yet, so check that out together Audioit's Okay Let’s Get That Nose Out Of You Oh Interesting We’re Here I Just Want To To See How I Check That I Like The Animation Final One That’s Coolam I’m Going To Buy The Battle Path Mmm Not Sure But That's Basically How You Downwell For Night Chapter 2 Is Season 2 On Your Pc Guys So I Hope You Guys Enjoydrop A Like, You Guys Find This Video Useful And Thank You For Watching Myvideo I Appreciate It And Wrote To You 21 K So We're Like Less Than A Hundredsubs Away From Prin 1k And I, See You Guys Hopefully Next Week Peace Out Itgets Mean It Is Fired Thank You Okay, I Appreciate That I Want You Guys To Know About The Channel I'm Trying To Juggle That And You Two At The Same Time Also Haverunning Two Channels The One You Guys Are Watching This Chatroom It's A Gamingchannel And I Have Another Channel That's Just Talking About How Much I Make On Youtube Or Like I Wanted To Start Doing Other Stuff On That Channel Aswell So There's A Lot Of Things Going On

For Stew Being With Me If You Guys The Unsubscribe Yet So Last Yearthis Channel Was At 2000 200 Subscribers And Now We're At 20k So Thank You Very Much For That I Really Do Appreciate It If This Channel Grows BigThat's Pretty Awesome I Might Be Able To Do This, For Thailand Right Now I Gotta Focus On My Job Gotta Focus On You Guys For 20,000 Subscribers Guys I Really Appreciate It I Don't Want To Lose You Guys I Don't Want To Lose This Channelso The Check I'm Trying My Best To Upload As Much As I Can All Right If Youguys Have Any Youtube Ideas Or Gaming Ideas Let Me Know Down In The Commentsmy Channels Mostly Focus On Tutorials As Of Right Now I Don't Do A Lot Of Streetnews Anymore Just Cuz It If you don’t like my content, please understand that I’m not uploading as much as I should. However, thank you for being here; I appreciate it. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys next week.