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By | April 26, 2022

So Hello Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Ishallow Welcome To The Third Part Finale Of Some Sorts Yes My Face I've Put In This Video For A Specific Reason That Is To Explain To You Guys What Is Going On With The $10 Coupon From Epic Games I'll Tell You Everything You Need To Know About The Scoop On How Can You Use It, Where Can You Use It, And What Are The Conditions That Are Being Used? First And Foremost, If You Are With this coupon code, you won’t be able to get three bucks for three bucks.

Hold Your Horses, I’m Sorry To Disappoint You, It’s Just The Truth I’ll Tell You Why I Picked This And How To Claim If You Want So First Of All, There Are Three Things That You Must Know Or Two Things I Guess So First Of All, This Coupon Is Epic Store Only What Do You Mean You Can Only Buy Stuff In Epicgame Store You Can’t Do Two Things Even In The Epic Store You Can’t Pre Purchase Anyitem For Example There Are I Think If 99 Is The Basic Cap And Above That You Can Claim Your, Code Orthe Coupon You Can Claim This Coupon UntilJune 11thSo Before That He Can Purchase Anything Over $15to Get A $10 Discount Okay So How So This Is Our Epic Game So You're Notgetting Anything For Free You're Just Getting A Discount In The Name Of, Acoupon Code It's The Same Thing As Many In Textile Shops Do You Basically Pay For An A

You get the coupon, and then you get the coupon, so at the end of the day, you still have to pay something to the merchant. So I'm Going To Show You A Very Good Example Right Here You See Ubisoftassassin's Creed It's Actually $43 Okay It's Discounted To 67% So Why Is Thiscover To 67% So Basically If This It Is $14 51 If It Costed $14, I’d Do It. Extra, I believe you can get $10 off on this product for 99 cents, but I believe that because so many people will be buying it, they will be losing money, which is why this is priced at $14. 59That's Why It Got Discounted More So They Could Get More Profit So I Think You Guys Can Understand So, I'll Give You Two Examples One Where You Purchase Something Under $14 I mean $14, not 99. So, 99 Now We’re Going To DoThis For Assassin’s Creed Odyssey So Yeah Once This Thing Loads You Will Get The Screen I Think You Can See Me Properly In The Camera Occupied Yeah So Now As This Thing Loads You Will Get The Screen As we descend, it says View Offers Rate or Buy Now, so whatever you do when you press this is fine. This Is The Second TabNo See At The Top This Is Think On No Eligible Coupon So If You Go Down It Says Eligible Coupon This Isnot Eligible You Can See The Stop Sign And Then From Here You Can Go To Coupondetails To See What's The Exact Terms And Conditions That Epic Games Has Saidregarding This Coupon So Now Chrome Is Google Chrome Is Beingloaded Give Me Some Time We Are Assigning In Redirecting Everything Is Eligible Finally, take a look at what the Mega Sale Coupon entails in terms of its terms and conditions. As I previously stated, there are two main things to consider. You cannot purchase anything in games such as Vbucks or other virtual currency. The minimum purchase is $14 and the currency is correct. 99 So, in this case, we will not be conned. If you want to read it, I will provide a link below. If you want to give a complete description, look at the description. So, since this coupon can’t be used here, let’s just cancel this order and load our next one, and I’ll show you the difference. So, now we’re going to choose a product or a game.

Now is the time to buy Agame, as you can see there is a product for $16. So Same Thing Same Stuff This Game Is Calledsatisfactory Again I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I’m Just Saying I

Okay, I’m Going To Give An Example Of What You Can Do With This So You’re Going To Pay Money But You’ll Get A Nice Discountthat Is What Coupon Does Again We Have Press

By Now, It Will Take Some Time To Load And Then One Ship There As You Can See, The Coupon Is Automatically Applied So That When You Check Out, Not Only Do We Get The OnedollarEighty Off That Is The Discount From The Mega Sale, But We Also Get An Additional $10 Off Because Of This Coupon Code, Which Can Be Used Until November 11th Ok This Is 11 Express 11 1 20 20 I

Think Okay We'resorry I Lent This Wrong It's 1st Of November 2020 Not Like Every Single Time Somewhere I Read 11 June Ok I'm Sorry About Thatright So You Can See The Expiry Right Here And Then That's When The Mega Saleactually Closes I Think And Then, You Also Get Adiscount Now From Here You Can Go And Buy And This Is, The Email Stuff So Ifyou Guys Want Because it is mine, but if you guys are doing something similar, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. To Know Basically About This Epic $10 Code It Is Not Freei Am Very Very Sorry To Disappoint You Again It Is Not Free But Yeah Anywaysthank You So Much For Watching That's It From My Side I Think This Is The ThirdPart I Already Did In Two Videos Yesterday At All I Will Be Doing This Today Andthen, We Have Also Done This Video So Any Other Thing You Need To Know About This Epic Mega Sale Let Me Know That Actually I Think I' Are Generally Confirmed It Would Be A Game Known By Many People Or Else Epicwon't Do This Are Drama Whatever Game That You Think Will Comecomment It Down Below Anything Any Questions That You Might Have Regarding This Topic Let Me Know Down In The Comments Thank You So Much For Watching Ladies And Gentlemenmy Name Is Hallow I'll See You Guys In The Next Video Bye, Bye