How to get 2fa on fortnite xbox 1

By | May 6, 2022

Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial on how to change your Xbox account’s email address. Please consider subscribing to my channel and liking the video if you found this tutorial useful. To change your Xbox account’s email, you’ll need to use a web browser, which can be the built-in web browser on your console, or a computer or mobile device. First, I’ll show you how to do it on a console and desktop computer, and then I’ll show you how to do it on a mobile device. Go to in your browser. com At the top right of the screen, click’sign in.’ Here’s where you can sign in to your Microsoft Xbox account. When you’re signed into your account, go to the top right and click your profile icon. A drop-down menu will appear; select’my Microsoft Account’ from there. This will activate your Microsoft account. www. From the blue menu bar at the top left of the screen, select ‘your Info.’ Your email will be displayed here; next to it, click’manage how you sign in to Microsoft’. You may be required to verify your identity by receiving an email. Confirmation via email or SMS You’ll be able to access this page once you’ve done that. ‘Add Email’ is selected. Enter the new email address you want to use; alternatively, you can create a new Microsoft Outlook email address to use here. Once you’ve entered your email address, click ‘add Alias.’ That Email Has Now Been Added To Your Account, But You Must Now Open That Email And Click The Verification Link. Now that your email address has been verified by clicking that link, you can make it your default email by clicking the’make primary’ button next to it here. You can now delete the previous email address once your new email has been set as your primary.

If You Want, You Can Take It From The Account Remove It By Clicking On The Remove Button Next To It Your old email address has been removed from your Microsoft and Xbox accounts. You’ll need to use your new email address the next time you sign into Xbox. Open a web browser and go to to change your Xbox Email on your mobile device. To Sign In To Your Account, Tap The Profile, Icon At The Top Right. After you’ve signed in, go back to your profile icon and select’my Microsoft’ Account. , This Will Activate Your Microsoft Account www. Then, to the right of where it says’microsoft Account,’ tap the three dots button. Choose ‘your Info’ from the popup menu. You’ll see your current email address if you scroll down. swiping

The link that says’manage how you sign in to Microsoft’ is below it. You may be asked to verify your identity using an email or SMS code. Tap ‘add Email’ on the’manage How You Sign Into Microsoft’ page. You can either create a new Outlook email address or enter an existing email address that you own. When you’re finished, tap ‘add Alias.’ You’ll need to open that email and click the confirmation link that was sent to you once you’ve added it.

You, on the other hand, Now that your email address has been verified by clicking that link, you can make it your default email by clicking the’make primary’ button next to it here. You Can Now Remove The Old Email After It Has Been Set As Your Primary. If you want, you can use the account’s previous email address. Remove it by clicking the Remove Button next to it. Your old email address has been deactivated on your Xbox and Microsoft accounts. You’ll have to use your Xbox ID the next time you log in. Your new email address is: And with that, this tutorial comes to a close. If you found the video helpful, please give it a thumbs up.

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