How to enable to 2fa fortnite

By | April 2, 2022

There is no commentary in this video. Close Caption should be turned on if it isn’t already. So, This Is The Login Screen For WordPress As an Administrator User, log in. We’ll enable two-factor authentication for this user. Tfa will be enabled using the “google Authenticator” plugin. Select “add New” from the Plugins menu and search for “google Authenticator.” Click “install now” and then “activate.” The Plugin Is Now Installed And Activated. Next, We’ll Turn On Tfa For The User. Select 'your Profile' under 'users' and pay attention to the settings under the heading “google Authenticator Settings.”

Option 'active' To Enable Tfa For This User Here “description” Is The Text That Will Appear In The Google Authenticator App On Your Phone

The Most Important Setting On Your Phone Is 'secret' This Is The Code You Will Need To Generate Tfa Code For Your Website. To generate codes, you can use the Google Authenticator app on your phone or the Winauth app on your computer. Save The Changes By Clicking The 'update Profile' Button, Now We Will Add Our Site To Winauth Application To Generate Tfa Code Tfa Codes can be generated on mobile devices using the 'google Authenticator' app. This is the Winauth Application, and the Add Button is pressed. When prompted, select 'authenticator' and enter the site name. Then copy and paste

From Here, the Secret Code Right-click the new entry and select 'show Code.' You can also copy the code to the clipboard by selecting the 'copy Code' option once it has been added. If You Forget The Secret Code, Delete The 'google, Authenticator' Plugin Folder From Your WordPress Site For Ease Of Access. a In your Webhosting Cpanel File Manager, this is how the Plugin Folder will appear. We Can See Tfa In Action For The First Time Now That Our Site Has Been Added To Winauth

Now, let’s log out. Let’s Try To Login Now! On the Login Screen, You’ll Notice An Additional Field To Specify Google Authenticator Code Let’s Try To Login Now! So, how about it? We copied the code for our site from Winauth, and we were able to log in successfully. You can enable or disable Tfa by selecting the 'active' option in the user’s profile. If you found the video useful, please consider subscribing to the channel. More How-Tos can be found at www.