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By | April 11, 2022

Hey What’s Up Guys, In Today’s Video, We’ll Be Talking About An Interesting Rumor That’s Currently Spreading Like Wildfire Throughout The Controller Fortnite Community. And the subject of this rumor is the ever-popular topic of Aim Assist. I’m not sure when it started or who was the first to mention it, but I started seeing tweets on my timeline claiming that Aim Assist had been nerfed somewhere around a week ago. But, as someone who follows a lot of Fortnite controller players, I know that Aim Assist Conspiracies aren’t exactly new. It’s a fairly common occurrence for a player to have a bad day in terms of aim after a random update or hotfix, and then hypothesize that their aim was bad because something was done to aim assist. Then they tweet it or say it on social media, and it sparks a small conversation. What Usually Happens Is That The Sameplayer Will Return The Next Day, His Aim Will Be Back To Normal, And Since Nobody Else Is Complaining About Aim Assist, He'll Recognize That He Is The Only One Who Has Noticed The Change. Was Wrong, And The Entire Debate Will Dissipate But that isn’t the case with this ostensibly recent change to Aim Assist. If anything, I've noticed that the tweets about it have become more frequent as time has passed, which isn't always the case with these things. , And, in my opinion, what makes it even more noteworthy is that it isn’t just random people saying this; many of the top controllerpros have been some of the most vocal players speaking out. Concerning This So, with this video, I’m going to show you exactly what I’m talking about. What the Community Has to Say, and Without Further Ado, Let’s Get Started. So, let’s get this video started by looking at some of the most popular tweets about this alleged Aim Assist/aim In General Nerf. And the reason I say that is because, as you can see from the top players’ tweets, a lot of people have different opinions.

Their perceptions of what they believe have shifted. The first set of tweets I’d like to share comes from Atlantis Letshe, and they span November 16th to November 19th in terms of date. It All Began “Switchingback To Legacy,” he tweeted. I’m really good at linear and stuff like that. On it, my aim is excellent. But with Legacy, I don’t even have to try. You might be thinking, “Well, he didn’t say anything about an Aim Nerf there,” and you’d be correct, but that was just the first time. @Twitter “Ye Switching100% Back To Legacy, The Silents Nerfs Are Just Unfair,” he tweeted a few days later. “Then a few days later, he tweeted, “what I’m Trying To Achieve This Week Is A New Sense, That I Feel At Ease With.” No, I’m sticking with Linear because I’ve already stated that they’ll buff Linear 100%. ” And Letshe’s final tweet is probably the most intriguing, because I’m not sure what it means exactly.” Someone commented on one of his recent tweets, “this Is Just Sad Bro, Seeing One Of The Worlds Best Controller Players Want To Change To M&k Because Epic Keeps Nerfing Aim Assist,” to which he responded, “has Nothingto Do With It.”

Using a Nerf I’m irritated because they’re changing everyone’s settings without telling them. I’m not sure if they’ll patch Aim Assist. I just want them to tell us that the information is Patch Notes rather than keeping it a secret. ” So I don’t want to put words in his mouth, and maybe I’m misinterpreting this, but it appears that he believes Aim Assist wasn’t necessary to nerf, but that some aspect of controller aim and settings was. Now, in response to Letshe’s initial tweet about returning to Legacy, Ghost Kamo actually responded, saying, “I Feel Like They Nerfed The Aim Assist Or Something On Linear Or On The, New Settings.” So, while Letshe appears to be undecided about what was done to make Linear worse, Kamo appears to believe it was Linear Aim Assist. Connfident also chimed in with a question, “who else senoticizes the Linear Nerf?” to which he received a slew of replies from people who said they did. Mrkn Av, who, by chance, was born around the same time as Mrkn Av, was born around the same time as Mrkn Av.

“Holy Bleep Aim Assist On Linearwas Bleeping Balanced, And They Still Decided To Nerf It,” said the winner of the Thursday Night Solo Cash Cup. And the last set of tweets we’re going to show you is from Unknownxary. He tweeted on November 13th, “After Testing, I Have No Doubt They Did A Great Job.” On November 18th, he added, “I Like How Epic Keeps Nerfing Aim Assist, And We Adapt And Learn To Aim Still, So They Keep Nerfing It.” “I Also Want To Point Out That He Had A Little Back And Forth With Yung Calculator Under This Tweet.” “They Literally Haven’tnerfed It,” Calc said at first. At All,” to which Unknownarmy replied, “It’s Been Nerfed Many Many Times Trustme,” before Calc finally stated, “it, Just Hasn’t.” You’ve trained yourself to believe they’ll keep nerfing it, so you believe and possibly even feel a change that doesn’t exist. ” So I Thought That Was A Cool Littleback And Forth That Showcases both sides of the argument. On the one hand, there’s a guy who is absolutely certain that Thataim Assist has been nerfed, and then there’s you, who doesn’t believe it at all. But I think it’s also worth noting that Calcis isn’t even a controller player, so I’m not sure how valuable his opinion is. But, as I mentioned earlier and as you can see in some of these tweets, even though all of these top players are fairly confident that something has changed in terms of aim, there is still some uncertainty. Are There a Lot Of Different Theories About What Changed? I’d say the vast majority of people believe only Linear was nerfed, but there are a few who believe it was Justaim Assist in general, as well as Letshe, who seemed to believe it was something to do with settings. As a result, in order to make it even better,

Let Me Quickly Share A Clip From Upshall That Is About A Week Old Now, Where He Shares His Opinion On What He Thinks Is Complicated Was It Modified? So, as if things weren’t already perplexing enough, there’s now a new theory to add to the mix: Legacy was also nerfed. So now that I’ve shown you a lot of these tweets, and believe me, there are a lot of them, There’s a lot more out there, so I’d like to discuss some possible explanations for why so many different things are being said. I believe the most logical explanation, and this is just a guess, is that it wasn’t Linear or Legacy that was specifically nerfed, but rather Aim Assist or some other aiming mechanic in general that was changed in some way. The reason I believe this is because you are seeing both of them. Players from both the linear and legacy games have stated that they believe there was a nerf. To be fair, there appeared to be significantly more Linear players speaking out, but given how popular Linear has become recently, it’s possible that there are simply more Linear players than Legacy players, so it makes sense. I Have a Feeling You’ll Be Seeing More Tweets From Them And think about it this way: if you’re a linear player and Aim Assist was just nerfed at random one day, it makes sense that your first move would be to nerf Aim Assist. It was thought that Linear had been nerfed, but it was actually Aim Assistin General. Obviously, the Legacy Players claiming that Legacy was nerfed follows the same logic. However, just to add to the confusion, for the fifth time in this video,

As a Legacy Player, I haven’t noticed any kind of Aim or Assist Change in the last week or so. Now, I’ll admit that I almost never notice things like that because it’s usually difficult to tell the difference, but it’s possible that it was a linear-only nerf. Also, I Must Point Out That It Is Completely Possible.

That nothing had changed, similar to what Yung Calc was speculating when he spoke with Unknownarmy. However, I’m still convinced that this isn’t some bizarre conspiracy or people looking for a way to gain Twitter clout; something actually happened. Within a three-to-four-day period, there was a massive influx of tweets and posts online saying

It just feels like there are too many similarities to be a coincidence. And, as we all know, Fortnite has messed with aim assist before without saying anything, so this wouldn’t be anything groundbreaking. So, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you watched it all the way through, please let me know in the comments section below. If you’re a fan of the controller, this is the game for you.

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