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By | April 4, 2022

Your Boys Trader Reviews Baby It's Back At It After Being Hideous With Another Sponsored Video From Pvp Gamingyes Indeed Yo What's Going On Y'all Straight Up With You Aka Straight-upreviews In The House, Hohohoho Yeah Y'all We Got Two More Weeks Until Christmas Let Me Clear My Throatyo Oh Oh Guys Already Know We Is Back With Another Sponsored

Nintendo Switch, and this is the wired version, which is very nice, and I’ve been playing it.

It It's Been Just Greatly Gripped In My Hand I'm Loving That You Know Great Colors You Can Actually Change Two Weeks Ago They Finally Finally Released The Wireless Version Of A Nintendo Switch Prismatic Controller Yeah We Bout To, Do An Unboxing Of Thisreal Rolling, That Cut And Show All You Gamers Around The Gaming Community World Around The Holiday Season So Actually You Can Wake Up In Hohoho And Got Thiscontroller Under Your Christmas Tree And I'm Loving It The Way It's Packaged Right It's Licensed By Nintendo Like I Said I've Been You Know Kind Of Sick Around This Term Had To Go To The Hospital To Get Checked Up By The Doctors I Thought I Had It Up You're Monia And Bronchitismixed Up, Scared Cuz It Almost Had Me Breathing Runbreathless And Just Let me catch my breath, where is my fire? Okay, let’s see what we’ve got going. Okay, as I recall, we had the tapes on the side right? Yeah, what’s up, your boy is back in it again to show you guys the back of the P D P, which is Prismatic Controller, as you already know.

Right There In Your Controller As Itblasts Full Of Colors Down Into The Left Hand Side It Says Rechargeable Batteriesup, To What Y'all Oh My Gosh 20 Hours Oh Yeah Right There At The Top Left It Saysbluetooth Wireless Gaming Oh This Is Gonna Be Very Very Lovely Out Herewireless, Prismatic Pdp Game Controller Nintendo Switch Unboxing For You Guys

You'rewrong With Nut Cut And Here Is Right Herethe Wireless One Now Imma Show You Guys Up Closer Personal So Feather All I Dogotta See Right Here On The Wired One Right There Real Rubber Nut Cut As Youguys Already See, It Has A Headphone Jack Yes Indeed Y'all And This One Right Here Is The Same Like The Back Of Them And I'm Gonna Show You Guys Right Here As You Guys Can See A Headphone Jack And It's Probably A Reason Why They Did That We're On Cut To Probably Keep The Costdown But It's Still A Great Roller Can Have Real, Robin Uncut You Guys Already Know Yeah We Got Some Great Wire Right There So This Wire Right Here As Youguys Already Can See And These Guys Already Can Tell You Put The Wire Up Inhere Real Raw And I'm Not Cut As You Can See And These Guys Already Guys, as you can see, it Prismatic Leeglows Right There In Your Hand Now I Have To See How To Actually Change, Theglowing On This Controller Because As You Can See, The Wired Version Right Here Is Glowed Up In Pink You Have To Press Down Thisbutton Right There And Press The D-pad Right There Real Quickly. To get it to change color, it needs to be raw and uncut. As I previously stated, this is the first release of the Prismatic Controller on the market.

As I Detach It Right Here At The Topright There See It Makes It Wireless Real Raw In There Cut And The Controllerright, There Is Steel Steel You Know Trying To Pierce Together Right Therewhatever I Gotta Connect It To Rear Or Not Cut Now If I Put It Back Right Herethis Toward Right There Is The Chargeable Right Here Real Raw Nut Cutright There 20 Hours Of Battery Now If I Put It Back Right Herethis Toward Right There Is The Chargeable Right Here Real Raw Nut Cut

Thank you for taking the time to watch my unboxing of the Wireless Prismatic Controller by Pdp Gaming Reviews. Happy Holidays!