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By | April 3, 2022

Thank you for coming back. We’re going to talk about Enabling today. That Might Be A Word You’ve Heard Before And maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t. However, we can get Helping and Loving mixed up with Enabling at times. So, as a parent or even just as a person, today we’re going to talk about what it means to enable. Has Someone Who Is Concerned About Others We tend to struggle when we have people we care about who are suffering, making poor decisions, or experiencing difficult or challenging outcomes in their lives.

Life is a beautiful thing. And when we see someone in pain, we have an innate desire, or inclination, to want to assist them. We want to relieve them of that pain or suffering because we love them and care about them. it is The problem is that if we don’t really understand how life on Earth works, we can’t really help people. We Have the Ability to Harm Them. Instead of assisting them in overcoming their pain and suffering and learning to not repeat it in their lives, we can do other things. That Actually Reinforces The Behaviours That Led To The Suffering So, let’s talk about it a little bit more, shall we? We all know that there is a cause and effect relationship in life. As a result, there is a consequence or outcome for everything we do. We’re also aware of this. That everything we do has a purpose; otherwise, we wouldn’t do it. And, once again, the reason for most of our behavior, in my opinion, is that we want to be happy. Furthermore, As a result, we may find ourselves in an unsatisfactory situation or circumstance. We want to get out of that funk and live happier lives. So we look around to see what we can do to improve our situation or circumstances and experience more happiness. As a result, the goal of our actions is positive. We’d like to be happy, so we’ve made a list of things we’d like to do. But there's Something Else You Should Know. Again, there are laws or regulations in this world. Existing Truths And once we understand and know what those laws and truths are, our behavior will be out of sync with them, and we will achieve the results we desire. Finally, we’ll find the happiness we’re looking for. However, if our actions are inconsistent with those truths, we will act in ways that are inconsistent with our incorrect beliefs. We won’t get the results we want if we don’t believe in ourselves. As a result, we will not be able to achieve that happiness. So, consider that. If someone has made decisions and choices in life and is suffering from negative consequences, whether financial, emotional, or physical, We now believe that this discomfort, this pain, is a sign of impending doom. That Which That Individual Is Going Through Isn’t Right, Maybe It Isn’t Fair, Maybe We Don’t Think They Deserve It As a result, we tend to view the negative outcome as a punishment. Instead of being what it was intended to be, Its Real Purpose Is To Provide Us With Information That Tells Us What We’re Doing (or Not Doing) Isn’t Working. And It’s Affecting This Result So, what happens if someone does something?

Alternatively, So, based on my thoughts and beliefs, I make a decision or a choice. And it causes me some discomfort? So, let’s say I decide to speed up. I’m pressed for time. I believe that driving faster than the speed limit will get me where I need to go sooner. , It’s Worth Breaking The Law In Order To Get Whatever It Is That I Want So, I’ve Justified That It’s Okay For Me To Break The Law Into Speed, Right? So I’m speeding along and get pulled over, and I get a ticket. Purchase a ticket Let’s say I’m speeding in a school zone and the speed limit is 20 miles per hour. Assume I was traveling at 45 miles per hour. That’s Going To Be A Big Deal. So, let’s say I’m a teen, and I’ve only been driving for a year or so. One, I’m going to get some points against me for my driving, which you already know about. As a result, my insurance premiums have increased. May increase, and now I’m speeding twice the speed limit in a school zone. I'm Getting A Huge Ticket Let’s say I’m a parent and I’m feeling sorry for my child because he or she is a good person. a child They’re doing well in school, and they’re making an effort to look after themselves. In fact, they have a job and are paying for many of the things they desire and require in their lives. And I think to myself, “Wow, that’s pretty harsh.” You should be aware that their insurance premiums will increase. You should know that this ticket is several hundred dollars. Possibly even near $1,000 And you already know it’ll appear on their driving record. ” So, because my son or daughter is a good kid who just made a mistake, they’re going to learn from it.” So I’m going to step in and assist them. “Look, I know you don’t really have the money,” I tell them. , You Know, You’re Doing A Good Job Of Taking Care Of Yourself As Much As You Are. You are aware that you have been paying your insurance premiums. You’ve been doing everything. you’re You have to pay for your gas and your car. As a result, I’m going to assist you. And I’m going to pay for the ticket as well as the increase in insurance so that you don’t have to. What exactly did I do? What Are You Doing To My Child? This Is Known As Enabling It occurs when someone intervenes and removes the consequences of a decision or choice I made. When that consequence is removed, it also removes my opportunity to learn. Which means there’s a better chance I’ll keep doing what I’m doing in the future. And every time someone comes to my rescue or looks after me, it takes away my ability to learn. So it's robbing me of what I deserve as a result of the choices I made that are meant to assist me in learning and making different choices. Future Possibilities What often happens is that we start with our children when they are very young, and because they are small and don’t know any better, they are easily manipulated. Again, we don’t like seeing our young children in pain or suffering, so we remove the consequences when they are younger. We are hopeful, however, that they will continue to learn from that experience. But what happens is that as our children grow older, the consequences of their actions become more significant or severe. As a parent, it becomes increasingly difficult to take a step back and let them experience the consequences. We, too,

Do you believe that our son or daughter will eventually get it? And that they’ll be able to comprehend it. They don’t, however. And because they don’t learn the lessons and don’t face the consequences, their actions continue to deteriorate. Or their actions have worsened and worsened the consequences. And we get into a cycle that is difficult to break as a parent because we’ve now arrived at a point where their decisions and choices are putting their life and future in jeopardy. It’s also difficult to support your child as a parent. Allow Them To Live With The Consequences Of Their Decisions Then it happened. Even worse, as our son or daughter grows older and begins to have children, it becomes more difficult for us to allow them to experience the consequences of their decisions because their decisions now affect the lives of their children, your grandchildren. So keep that in mind. That the best time to understand what enabling is if you have children is when they are young. Allowing your children to experience the consequences of their decisions at that age is also a good idea. They’ll also learn faster. And as they mature into adults, they will be able to make better decisions as a result of their education. You will also have the experience of allowing them to go through the consequences and knowing that your child has the strength to deal with any negative consequences that may arise. Here’s Something Else That Happens The underlying message that we send when we enable, when we step in and remove those consequences, is that we don’t believe our children are capable. We don’t think they’ll be able to handle this on their own, so they’ll need our help. To Step In And Look After Them So, rather than strengthening them, we're actually weakening them. As a result, I would advise you to examine your behavior. So, if you’re a caring, loving person, take a look at how you interact with others. Are you doing the things you’re doing because you enjoy them?

Are you truly wishing to assist them, or are you simply reinforcing their ineffective behaviors? And allowing them to continue in behaviors that are actually setting them up for more serious consequences down the road? If what you’re doing is enabling rather than helping, I’d encourage you to take a step back and stop enabling. If you truly love and believe in them, you will know that no matter what they are going through, they will be able to overcome it. They’ll figure it out eventually. You can still love and support them; just don’t absolve them of the consequences of their decisions. Hopefully, today’s video on what it means to enable has given you a better understanding of yourself. Also, your efforts to assist others in your daily life. So, if you have a son or daughter who continues to make poor decisions and you’d like more information on how to help them, go to our website. Living by Principles You’ll find it listed below. , Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Visit Us Come back to see us tomorrow.