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By | May 18, 2022

Here’s Your News For March 14, 2020 We’re Kicking Things Off With News From Smackdown, And As Promised, This Week’s Show Took Place At The Performance Center, With Michael Cole Providing Commentary. Cole and Triple H are a couple. Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Nikki Cross and Alexa in the opening match, which featured a surprise appearance by Raw Superstar and Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka. Following that, Cole conducted an in-ring interview with Roman Reigns as well as some backstage segments, including one with Jeff Hardy. , To fill the two hours, the company aired the, Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match from the previous Sunday, and the game even made a backstage reference to his recent demotion. If you weren’t aware, the 14-time World Champion’s backstage role has changed, and he is now the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development, rather than his previous role as Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development. Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creativity Despite the lack of an audience, The Game joked about the change, saying that he’s the only man who could be demoted and get busier, and that the pairing of Triple H and Cole worked well together. Needless to say, this week’s episode of Smackdown was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and that includes the Superstars’ behavior in the ring. Wrestlers Will Continue to Compete

Competing During A Regular Show’s Commercial Break When there’s a live audience watching them, that’s not the case, as the Superstars stopped wrestling as soon as they went to the break. Unfortunately for WrestleMania, an international feed of Smackdown captured what was going on during the commercial break, as fans around the world saw Bayley, Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, and Alexa Bliss waiting for the show to return from the commercial break. While It Is Effective

Although it’s understandable that the Superstars wouldn’t want to risk taking bumps when no one was watching, it was still an embarrassing moment for the company, and one that they’ll hopefully be able to avoid in the future. Paige, who had to retire in 2018 due to injuries, is one of those talented women who knows all about the ups and downs of Wwe. Since then, the formerdivas champion has made it clear that she wants to wrestle again, with Daniel Bryan’s return giving her hope that she will compete in the Squared Circle one day. Inside The Ropes recently spoke with Paige, the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion, and she didn’t rule out an in-ring match. “I Believe It Is Always A Possibility One Day, You Can Never Say Never,” she says. It isn’t going to happen anytime soon. That’s pretty much all I have to say about it; it’s been especially difficult since I had neck surgery in August. My Neck Is Just Getting H*****ier The Second Time Around, Which Is Crazy Because I Feel Amazing. So, we’ll see what happens. Despite Paige’s claims that her neck is in great shape, it is ultimately Wwe’s decision. Whether they want her to compete again, though things appear to be looking up with the return of Daniel Bryan and other stars who have returned from career-ending injuries. The Original Anti-Diva Is Promising More Paige news now, as the former Divas Champion was supposed to appear on Smackdown this week, but she didn’t. Paige explained on Twitter that she wasn’t able to make it to the Performance Center due to travel, and that getting around is difficult with the current global M******c******. Paige also mentioned in the same tweet that “At Least Bayley Is Keeping You Entertained,” she wrote on Instagram, adding, “Perhaps Next Week We Can Try Again.” It’s intriguing that Paige continues to criticize the reigning monarch. Smackdown Women’s Champion, and many believe Paige will challenge for the title at Wrestlemania 36 if the show goes on. Paige is hoping to confront Bayley on the next episode. Her Return Isn’t The Only Big Thing Announced For This Week’s Smackdown Wwe Universal Champion Goldberg will return to the Blue Brand on next week’s show, as he has in the past. Signing a contract to make his Wrestlemania match against Roman Reigns official It’ll be fascinating to hear what Goldberg has to say, and in addition to Paige and the Universal Champion, next week’s show will feature another major guest. As Verified By Wrestling, Rob Gronkowski Will Make An Appearance On The Blue Brand Next Week, As Revealed On Smackdown By Gronk’s Real-Life Friend Mojo Rawley. The New England Patriots’ two-time Superbowl champion had plenty of success on the field before retiring, and he’s now looking to bring his talents to the ring. It’ll be interesting to hear what Gronk, Paige, and Goldberg have to say next week, especially if the show is broadcast without a live audience, as this year’s road to Wrestlemania has been bumpy to say the least. Fans may recall Gronk’s appearance at Wrestlemania 33’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and the former NFL star will make another appearance this year. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Gronkowksi’s plan does not include him competing in a match: “At Press Time, We Were Told That He Is Not At This Point In A Match At Wrestlemania, But Whether He Is On The Show And In What Form Is Still Up In The Air.” It’s still up for debate. Wwe had previously stated that the former NFL star’s debut should be a surprise, but given his celebrity, using Gronk’s name to hype up the show makes a lot of sense. Time will tell when Grinkowski will have his first official match, but one thing we can be certain of is that it will not be at Wrestlemania 36. We’re looking forward to next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which will feature no live audience for the first time ever. Instead, like this week’s Smackdown Live, next week’s episode will emanate from the WWE Performance Center, and the only people in the area will be essential personnel. This information was confirmed by a tweet from Wwe, who stated that the show was originally scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it will be interesting to see how the 3:16 Edition of the show turns out. Without a crowd for the Rattlesnake to feed off, Raw Goes, complete with an appearance by Steve Austin. According to The Wrestling Observer, there will be even more changes to Wwe’s programming in the near future, as 205 Live will no longer be broadcast. It was revealed in their report. That the Purple Brand will be filmed before Smackdown on Friday Night, as they stated: “WWE Is Now Taping 205 Live First, Before Smackdown, And Starting Its East Coast Tour.” At 7:15 p.m., the coast shows begin. a They usually tape two matches on 205 Live, cut the time back, and then tape Smackdown, with one dark match main event after the show. The Dark Match Following Smackdown Isn’t A 205 Live Match, And It Appears That WWE Has Figured Out How To Keep Fans Coming Back For The Purple Brand. It’ll be filmed when the fans arrive, not when they want to leave. We’re looking at the global m******c****** that is affecting people once again, as even Wwe Hall Of Famers aren’t immune. Taking the Chance of Getting S*** Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who were supposed to be at Toy Con in Las Vegas this week, will not be there now, as more and more large public gatherings are taking place. Are being canceled, or are undergoing significant changes? Nash stated on Twitter that the NBA’s recent actions to reduce the rate of I********, and that this decision was a no-brainer in the interest of the fans’ H*****. Nash and Hall are both set to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the second time. New World Order, but only time will tell if Wrestlemania, which is currently scheduled for early April, will go ahead with the ceremony and Wrestlemania. Next Week’s Episode Will Be About The Global M******c****** The Return Of Cm Punk And An Appearance By Nxt Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley Was Supposed To Be Part Of Wwe Backstage, But That Isn’t Going To Happen Now. The account of Wwe on Fox has revealed that The Show’s Production Has Been Suspended Due To The Ongoing M******c*****, And The Show’s Production Will Be Suspended Until March 20th, at the very least. Renee Young, a Wwe Backstage Presenter, expressed her disappointment on Twitter.

I Was Able To Make The Show, But I Knew H***** And S***** Were The Top C****** Wwe Backstage Still Provides An Entertaining Hour Of Wwe Programming, So Hopefully The Fs1 Show Won’t Be Gone For Very Long, Even Though The Show Has Struggled With The Ratings Since Its Launch. We previously mentioned that the NXT Women’s Champion was scheduled to appear on Wwe Backstage this week, but due to the show’s temporary suspension, she was unable to do so.

The Australian Superstar Will Have Plenty Of Time To Get Back On His Feet. On this week’s episode of NXT, Ripley was beaten by Charlotte Flair, the winner of the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble, who locked the champion in a figure four around the ring post. The Queen continued her assault by stomping on Ripley’s throat with her high heel, prompting the NXT Women’s Champion to take to Instagram to express her displeasure.

Send a photo of the damage Ripley joked in a caption that the mark looks like a surgical scar, but that she didn’t have neck surgery and instead received a high-heeled boot to the Throat. The image clearly shows that Flair’s boot left quite a mark. Ripley has a mark on her neck, but we doubt it will keep her down for long as she prepares for the biggest match of her career at Wrestlemania 36. Speaking of Wrestlemania, Triple H is a man who knows everything there is to know about big matches and NXT, and while the game isn’t scheduled to compete this year, That Isn’t His Only Significant Change We previously mentioned that Triple H’s official corporate title has changed, and this change is being viewed as a quiet demotion for the King Of Kings, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He was moved away from being in charge of talent, and his main responsibilities are now Nxt, selling Nxt Tv rights internationally, and expanding Nxt globally, according to them. It’s A New Day, It’s A New Day, It’s A New Day, Some have referred to it as a “quiet demotion” both internally and externally. i>b>u>font Color=#00000000>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u>/u The Gold Brand Has Become Arguably The Best Part Of Wwe Programming Ever Since He Took Over Nxt, So It Makes Sense That The Company Wants Triple H As The Head Of Trying To Get Tv Deals For The Third Brand Overseas. It’s also been reported that Brad Blum, Vince Mcmahon’s Chief of Staff, has taken over as Executive Vice President, President of Operations, and it’ll be interesting to see how the WWE reacts to these significant changes. Vince Mcmahon made headlines earlier this year when He revealed that the WWE was in talks with some major players about purchasing pay-per-view rights. Since then, the WWE has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of what this means, and Wrestlemania 36 Will Air On The WWE Network, The Company Has Been Quietly Promoting. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the company is still in operation. Trying to secure pay-per-view streaming rights, but the deal isn’t coming together as quickly as anticipated. Wwe is still in talks with people about a Ppv deal, they said. Wrestlemania has been announced as being on the network, implying that they believe they aren’t close enough on a deal to pass up. That Proclamation The only thing we’ve heard is that Wwe is looking for a very large number for the deal. Despite the fact that Wrestlemania 36 is being promoted for the Wwe Network, the show is still in the works. Air, as only time will tell whether the company’s biggest show of the year will be postponed due to ongoing global M****** issues. The WWE is still looking to sell their streaming rights, but given everything that has happened, it’s unlikely that any deals will be in place by April 5th, when Wrestlemania is set to take place. Finally, despite the lack of a new episode, we’ll wrap up today with the results of Smackdown. Even in front of a live audience, the Blue Brand’s men and women put on an entertaining show. Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in the opening match, while Roman Reigns made it clear that he was coming for Goldberg’s Universal Title at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan defeated Cesaro in an unexpectedly thrilling encounter, while Jeff Hardy returned to action, complete with a new back tattoo, by defeating King Corbin. In the Main Event, John Cena spoke in the ring about his upcoming match against Bray Wyatt, but was cut off when the former Universal Champion appeared in the front row. After preying on Cena’s insecurities, including their 2014 Wrestlemania match, Wyatt went so far as to blame the 16-time Wwe World Champion for the emergence of The New World Order. As their Wrestlemania match approaches, the Fiend begged Cena to let him in. As we previously stated, this week’s Smackdown was unusual to say the least, given the lack of a crowd, and it’ll be interesting to see how Raw’s three-hour show performs next week, as well as whether we’ll see many more episodes from the Performance Center as the Global M******c****** continues.