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Hey Guys, It’s Matthewhere from Hearingtracker, Keeping You Up To Date With Today’s Hearing Aid Technology. Today, we’ll go over the Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid and some recent updates that you should be aware of. If you want to stay up to date with the latest hearing aid technology updates, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Phonak is ecstatic about these hearing aids, and rightly so, especially since the most recent updates were announced just a few weeks ago. a couple of weeks So what I wanted to do was create a single location where you could find all of the information you need about the Phonak Paradise range. Phonak is a Czech telecommunications company. I’m Not Only Excited To Do This Review Based On The Information Thatphonak Provided, But I’m Also Excited To Do This Review Based On The Information Thatphonak Provided. Had gotten out there, but also based on the hands-on experience I’ve had offitting these hearing aids for the past 12 months. So, in today’s review, I’ll not only give you the positives on all of the salesblurb that they have, but I’ll also give you some hands-on experience in terms of my own. My own experiences, as well as those of the patients I’ve fitted with these hearing aids Not only that, but at the end of this review, I’ll confirm some new additions to the Phonak Paradise range, as well as some information about upcoming Phonak releases in 2022 that I’ve been privy to. The Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids have taken the place of the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids, which were released in the summer of 2018. The Marvel was a huge success. Phonak took a technological leap forward because this was their first release of a hearing aid with binaural Bluetooth and mobile phone connectivity. Yes, they had flaws, but I’m pleased to say that Phonak has taken a significant step forward in terms of quality. Their Technological Advancements Hearing aids are available in a variety of colors, and Phonak, like other manufacturers, tries to match different hair colors. Because they all have a matte finish, they tend to blend in with your hair at the same time.

And their Champagne Color is the most popular color that I tend to fit, or that patients tend to choose. Your audiologist will have a color chart with them so that they can go over it with you and you can pick the right color for you. They don’t appear to be too dissimilar to the Marvel Hearing Aids in terms of appearance, but there are some differences. The Push Button On The Back Of The Hearing Aid Is A Slightly Different Shape At A Slightly Different Angle, And The Forward Facing Microphone Is Just A Slightly Different Shape At A Slightly Different Angle. If You’re Perplexed, Here’s Why: Hearing aids appear to be getting bigger these days because the race for the smallest hearing aid is over; now it’s all about functionality and getting the most out of your hearing aid in your ears. So now we have Bluetooth crammed inside, as well as rechargeable batteries, and everything just takes up a little more room. In terms of the Phonak’s design, I compare it to a Porsche in terms of hearing aids because of its sleek, smooth design. They Have A Rocker Switch On The Audeo Paradise Ranger Or Receiver In The Canal Hearing Aids. The Back, which is a soft key, can be programmed to do various things, such as act as a volume control or access various programs. It has a led in the center of the back that lights up to indicate the amount if you have the rechargeable version. You have a certain amount of battery life in your hearing aids. They have four models to choose from, each of which covers a different technology level. The Paradise 312 is the smallest of them all. The Only Negative Aspect Is Both the Telecoil and the Loopsystem must be abandoned. If you choose a smaller hearing aid, there’s also the rechargeable option. Paradise is available in four different technology levels: essential, standard, advanced, and premium, each with different features and levels of automation. And the newest addition to the Phonak Paradise line is something called Thephonak Paradise Life, which I’ll tell you a little bit more about at the end of this video, but it’s their new, innovative product. Waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid They Still Use The Cerushields Waxguards As The Marvel Range, Which Is A Big Mistake Because Patients Still Seem To Struggle To Turn The Dial And Actually Change Those Filters. So, in a perfect world, I wish we could

Return to the days when Cerustops were plentiful. Not only that, but the actual filter can become dislodged or decentralized at times, making it extremely difficult to remove it. To be able to do so, you’ll need some specialized tools. Now that we’ve covered the physical side of things, let’s talk about what these hearing aids can do. Historically, when hearing aid manufacturers release a new hearing aid and then replace it, they use the same chip and only make minor changes. External Components are a few of them. And, despite what the marketing claims, we don’t expect a huge technological leap. Not only is Paradise a brand-new hearing aid, but it also has a brand-new chip. And when we see new chips, I get really excited because we tend to see bigger jumps in terms of processing power and what these hearing aids can actually do. From the perspective of a hearing aid user, this usually means that the hearing aid can process more information at the same time, and it can do so faster, faster, and smarter. The Prism Chip is a new chip. In Which We’ve Noticed Improvements In A Few Important Areas The first is Bluetooth compatibility. Hearing aids could only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time with the Marvel, but with this hearing aid, we can connect to eight devices at once. One of the most common complaints I heard from my Marvel patients was that they had to re-pair every time they switched from one of their Bluetooth devices to another, such as from their phone to their laptop. Now we can have those eight devices paired with two of them at the same time. At the Same Time, Being Active So, if your phone rings while you're on your laptop, it will choose accordingly, and you won't have to re-pair to be able to take the call. Phonak Was The First To Introduce “made-for-all” Bluetooth Technology, Which Essentially Means That Their Hearing Aids Can Connect To Any Bluetooth Device Because They Use Classic Bluetooth. So it's not just IOS or Android smartphones that have Bluetooth; it's any phone that has Bluetooth. Why Do I Need Bluetooth on My Hearing Aids? It’s the Technology You Didn’t Know You Needed Until You Tried It. So, in five or ten years, I believe we will be looking back and wondering, “How Did We Ever Have Hearing Aids Without Bluetooth?” Them, and This Interaction With Other Devices?” I’ve already made a video about this, and I’ve included a link to it in the video description. However, it does allow you to stream phone calls or media such as video, podcasts, or the radio directly to both of your hearing aids without the use of any intermediary devices. It also includes an app that allows you to make manual adjustments to the settings on your hearing aids if desired. All it does is give you a little more control over them. Unitron and Phonak are both manufacturers of audio equipment. Are Currently The Only Manufacturers To Allow Truly Hands-Free Calls On Your Hearing Aids With No Intermediate Device, And How It Works Is That The Sound From Your Phone Is Directly Sent To Both Of Your Ears, Compensating For The Hearing Loss That You Have. However, at the same time, Hearing aid microphones pick up your voice, allowing the person on the other end of the line to hear you speak. So, technically, you should be able to keep your phone in your pocket and still be able to talk to the person on the other end of the line. While this sounds great in theory, I’ve discovered that it has flaws. And it all boils down to how the microphones are positioned. Of course, hearing aid microphones are designed to pick up what is going on behind you and in front of you, but they aren’t necessarily designed to pick up your own voice. Patients have reported that they can hear the person on the other end of the phone just fine, but that the person on the other end of the phone can also pick up on the background noise a little too much. So that's the only flaw we have with this hands-free technology right now. Phonak’s Automatic Setting In is what they call it. This is Version 4 of the Autosense Hearing Aids. 0 And It Switches Between These Different Listening Situations Automatically Once the environment has been identified as one of these settings, the Autosense selects from 200 different options to optimize the listening environment for the user at that time. With the addition of motion sensors to the Paradise range, Phonak has made a very smart move. You might be wondering, “why do my hearing aids need to know if I’m moving or not?” and that is a great question. The reason for this is that if you’re moving, you’re more likely to want to listen to a variety of things. So, if you're sitting at a table in a restaurant, more often than not, you want to hear what's going on in front of you, so what you're looking at is important. The Motion Sensors will detect your movement if you stand up and start walking. That, and they'll make things slightly more omnidirectional because, normally, when you're walking, unless someone is walking backwards in the opposite direction, you're walking in the wrong direction. You don’t have to hear what’s going on in front of you if you don’t want to. However, if you're walking and talking to someone, they'll most likely be to your left and right, so you'll want the hearing aids' microphones to be able to detect them. That’s it. So, rather than picking up what's in front of you at the table, it'll give you a little bit more information about what's going on. Both to your left and right Phonak’s Speech Enhancer is a feature that has been added to the Prism. The Chip’s Main Purpose Is To Reduce Listening Effort And the theory is that it gives you a little bit more amplification on the softer sounds so that it can pick up slightly quieter speaking people while also picking up people speaking to you from a slightly further distance. 2nd Apd 0 Is Phonak’s New And Improved Fitting Formula, Which I’m Pleased To Say They’re Reboasting It’s A Success. Much Closer To The Traditional Nal-nl2 Fitting Formula, Which We Consider To Be The Gold Standard When It Comes To Matching Hearingaid Settings To Targets When We’re Taking Ear Measurements Finally, Dynamic Noise Cancellation Is A Spatial Noise Cancellation Feature That Works With A Directional Beam-former To Improve The Speech-to-Noise Ratio In More Complicated Listening Environments, Like Restaurants, Groups, or Crowded Environments. In their rechargeable P90s and P70s, Phonak has added a Tap Control feature that allows you to access both your voice assistant and start or end calls, music, or media simply by tapping your ear a couple of times. This Is Excellent Because It Allows You To Use Other Features Without Taking Your Phone Out Of Your Pocket. The Drawback Is That I’ve Had To Turn It Off With A Few Patients Because They Accidentally Pressed It While Tapping Their Ear, And Now Siri Or Google Assist Is Talking To Them During A Normal Conversation, Which Has Driven Them Crazy. Overall, Tap Control Works Well With The Myphonak App Because It Eliminates The Difficulty Of Pressing The Button On The Back Of The Hearing Aids On Occasion, And It Just Makes Things A Little Bit Easier To Play With. In previous videos, I’ve discussed the future of hearing aid technology, as well as this all-encompassing device that we’re seeing, which is a combination of both a hearing aid and a mobile phone. And I’m Really Looking Forward To Seeing This Transition That We’re Going Through Right Now. I’d like to express my gratitude to I believe that in the future, we will also see people with normal hearing wearing something in their ears full-time, and I hope that this will help to de-stigmatize hearing aids and those who are on the fence about using them. Wearing Hearing Aids And Finding It Uncomfortable From A Cosmetic Perspective Each manufacturer has their own app that works with their Bluetooth hearing aids, and it would take a video to cover all of those features. But, to give you a quick rundown, if you have an iOS or Android device, you can download the app, which allows you to adjust the volume of your hearing aids as well as access various programs without having to press the button on the back of your hearing aids. Not only that, but the Myphonak App also allows you to tweak some finer details, such as the bass, mids, and treble, as well as increase or decrease noise reduction settings and microphone directionality, and even create your own custom settings. So, if you come up with something you like and are happy with, you can save it as a program and return to it later. And I like it because it gives the user a little more autonomy when it comes to wearing their hearing aids. But don’t worry if you’re not the type to fiddle with the settings on your hearing aids; the top tiers of technology have you covered. The Levels Have Been Designed To Be Fully Autonomous So, rather than being something you have to do with your hearing aids to get the most out of them, this is more of a manual override and a bonus. The app also allows you to adjust the Tinnitus Masker features if you have them enabled, and if you have any accessories like a TV Streamer, it allows you to change the balance between what’s on TV and what’s coming through the hearing aids’ microphones. One fantastic feature that I’ve used a lot in the last 18 months is the remote adjustments feature, which allows me to log on to the patient’s hearing aids via their smartphone and make adjustments to the settings on their hearing aids. I am capable of being Sitting in the clinic, they’d be sitting on their sofa at home, or, even better, they could be in a situation or location where they’re having difficulty hearing, and I can help them. Changes are occurring, and we can assess whether those changes are having a positive impact in real time. I prefer not to do this early in the adjustment process, such as when the hearing aids have just been fitted, because there is nothing like having a patient sit in front of me to get a true understanding and idea.

In terms of how they're getting along, they're having a good time. Plus, there may be physical adjustments that we’d like to make, and at the same time, the first thing I do when adjusting the settings on someone’s hearing aids is look in their ear, which we don’t have, which shouldn’t be a luxury when we’re working remotely. Using the remote adjustments, on the other hand, is a fantastic idea. Addition for someone who I might want to go back to the clinic and make a minor change, and I can adjust about 90% of the things I need to do when I'm sitting in their living room with the patient. Hearing aid technology alone will struggle to overcome certain hearing challenges and difficulties, according to Phonak. As a result, they have a wide range of accessories to choose from. From the TV Streamer to the Roger Fm Range, we are able to assist you in those areas. Hearing aid manufacturers have traditionally had to add an FM shoe to the bottom of their hearing aids in order for them to pick up FM systems. Phonak, on the other hand, has cleverly integrated FM receivers and the technology required to work with FMs into their hearing aids. Currently, So you can work with your audiologist to pair these hearing aids with the extra accessories without the need for any additional equipment that is physically attached to the hearing aids, preventing them from becoming any more cumbersome or larger. A Rechargeable Version Of Phonak Paradise’s Hearing Aids Is Available. Additionally, there are Aids that use industry-standard Lithium-ion Technology. And what this means is that you can charge your hearing aids overnight; it takes three hours to fully charge them, and you should get 24 hours of use out of them. With more streaming, this is slightly reduced, but I haven’t had any patients come back to me and say that their hearing aids haven’t lasted a full day. In Regards To Battery Life There is clever circuitry in place so that you can charge them overnight and they won’t overcharge and damage the batteries, and if you forget to charge them, you can charge them for 1/2 an hour. They’ll still give you six hours of life out of the things if you take an hour to get ready in the morning. So, what else does Phonakgot have up their sleeves? Well, they recently announced that they will be releasing a Paradise-compatible Cross System. For the management of single-sided deafness Now, I’ve been a little disappointed with Phonak in recent years because they haven’t had a cross system for both the Marvel and Paradise ranges, but this means that if I have someone with single-sided deafness, I can now consider Phonak for a hearing aid. We also have the new Phonak Life Hearing Aid, which is hot off the press. Now, the rest of the Paradise range is rated Ip68, which is the industry standard, which means they can technically be submerged in a meter and a half of water and still function. The Canal Hearing Aid’s new receiver, according to Phonak, will be the world’s first fully rechargeable waterproof receiver. Aids to Hearing To do so, they had to add extra microphone protection, as well as a parylene coating to all of the components. They had to put siliconeseal around all of the joints, and they had to rethink how the rechargeable hearing aids worked. So far, the Paradise Range has made contact. There will be inductive charging at the bottom, and with the New Life Range, similar to that of Oticon, Widex, and Resound. This means that a new rechargeable unit called the “charge And Go” will be available to go along with these hearing aids. They aren’t the first manufacturers to do so, however. So, about ten years ago, Resound boasted about using nano-coating technology, but they were the first to do so on a fully-rechargeable set of hearing aids. If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, it is and it isn’t at the same time. During the same period The Hearing Aids Are Still In The Paradise Range, So If You Have

If you’re already a Paradise user, I wouldn’t bother changing or considering them. It could simply be a step forward in terms of how they protect their hearing aids in the future, so it’s possible we’ll see it in all of their future technology. If, on the other hand, your hearing aids are frequently disappearing or breaking down, this could be the case.

Be the hearing aid for you because it will prevent your hearing aids from breaking down due to sweat, dust, or moisture ingression. So that's what I'm hoping for.

And I’m hoping that these hearing aids will be a lot more durable. If you’re listening, Phonak, it would be fantastic if you could start looking into doing this for both your in-the-ear and your Lyric hearing aids. Of course, they live in a far more hostile environment as a result of moisture intrusion and wax intrusion. Those Hearing Aids Are Far More Likely To Break Down So, if we can see this technology being applied to in-the-ear hearing aids, I’ll be overjoyed. The Activevent Receiver is the latest and most exciting addition to the Phonak Paradise range. As a Hearing Aid User, You Probably Don’t Have To Think About The Receivers You’ve Been Fitted With In The Past Anymore. And I’m not sure if your audiologist will feel compelled to mention it to you in the future, because all you want to do is show up and get the right hearing aid. What Makes The Phonak, Activevent Unique Is That It Is A Very Exciting New Tool That Allows Us To Do Your Hearing Aid Fitting Without Having To Make Compromises. Not only are the domes on the ends of hearing aids extremely important for comfort, but they also play an important role in the acoustics of your hearing aids. As a result, the type of dome you have can affect how music sounds, background noise sounds, hearing aid clarity, and even how your own voice sounds. There are advantages and disadvantages to having your ear open, allowing natural sound in, and having your ear closed, preventing any natural sound from entering. And sometimes, with a single patient, we want to do both at the same time and have to make a compromise because we can’t. The Activevent will work with any of the rechargeable Phonakparadise hearing aids, and there are a lot of them. There are two versions available. The first is a generic tip, and the second is a custom-made tip that goes on the receiver’s end. They have a lot of benefits, including the fact that they can help you save money. Own voice should sound natural, and when streaming music, it should have more fullness, richness, and bass, and you should be able to cope better in more complicated and noisy listening situations, such as a restaurant or a group setting. I hope you’re as enthusiastic about the Phonak Paradise hearing aids as I am about all of their new additions.

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