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By | March 31, 2022

What’s going on, guys? With Season 9 quickly approaching its conclusion and Season 10 only a few days away, I thought it would be fun to try something new today. Quote Unquote “reacting To” Videos are a type of video that a lot of people in the Fortnite community seem to enjoy. What These Videos Usually Involve Is A Youtuber Finding A Really Interesting Or Incredible Fortnite Player Who Isn't Well-Known, And Then Reacting To That Player's Gameplay. This video is somewhat similar to that concept, but it is also distinct. What I did in this video today was search the Fortnitetracker Leaderboards for about 30-45 minutes, looking for players with the most insane stats in all of Fortnite. Because these leaderboards track literally every Fortnite player on the planet, you can sort by categories like highest kills per match or highest kills per second. Let’s just say I found a bunch of players with absolutely mind-blowing stats, which you’ll most likely be surprised by. It got so crazy that I decided to only sort by Season 9 stats, just to keep things a little more manageable. So I’m going to show you the most insane players I found after that.

My Long Search, And I’m Just Reacting To How Outrageous These Players’ Stats Are And now, without further ado, let’s get started. So, let’s get started. This video begins by stating that the majority of the players with insane stats that you will see here are from Squads Mode. This is due to the fact that squads are usually the most effective. Because they have three teammates to help them, players are able to maintain the most unbelievable stats in this gamemode. Also, I’m sure some people will accuse these players of cheating or boosting in some way. , But I doubt it, because Fortnite has a very good system for detecting cheaters and boosters, which results in them being banned and removed from the game very quickly. The Scoreboards So, let’s start with a PS4 player named “jyrea” who plays Epic Games. There are probably a few things that just absolutely pop as I pop his stats on the screen right now.

Nothing Is Crazier Than His 354 Off-Screen, In My Opinion. Ratio of 33 K/d Although you’re probably all aware of what K/d stands for, it’s incredible to consider that in Season 9, this guy has 1063 kills and only 3 deaths. I mean, there are times when I die three times in a matter of minutes, and this guy has died three times in the last two and a half months or so. Now it’s your turn. Jyrea’s insanely impressive win percentage is the main reason for his 350+ K/d. In Season 9, he has played a total of 1052 squad games, winning 1049 of them. Which equals a win rate of 99 percent. 7 % There are a lot of insane Fortnite players out there who haven’t won 1000 squads games in their entire career, but this guy has done it in less than two months, with a near-perfect win rate. Now, based on the fact that he only averages 1 point, it’s clear that he’s a mediocre player. 01 Assaults Every single game, he and his teammates are clearly playing for the win. So, even though I believe that playing like that in normal public matches would bore a lot of players, I still believe it is an impressive achievement, and at the end of the day, 1 is 1! Technically, 01 kills per match is above average. Now, if you thought 1000 was a lot, you’d be wrong. If you thought your season win total was impressive, prepare to be blown away by the next player, Zrotation, who plays on Xbox. , So, based on Zrotations’ stats, his 114 71k/d may seem insignificant in comparison to Jyrea’s, but consider his total earnings. The Total Number Of Wins And The Win Percentage That’s right, this isn’t a glitch or an oversight; in just Season 9, Zrotation has won 5942 squad games. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, he had 5942 wins in 5990 total matches, which is a 99 percent win rate. 2 Victories % of total Many of you probably don’t realize how insane 5942 wins in a single season is, so let me try to put some context around that number. First and foremost, I’ve been playing Fortnite since the first week that the Battle Royale mode was released, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had more than 5942 wins in my entire career. Second, let’s break this down in terms of daily wins. Season 9 began roughly two and a half weeks ago from the time I am recording this video, as I previously stated. As a result, If You Divide 5942 has a 75-day winning streak, which averages out to just over a month. 79 victories per day I mean, it’s most likely 0 001% of Fortnite players have ever had 20 wins in a single day, and this guy has averaged almost four times that every day for the past two and a half months. Sure, his kills per game are low, and he clearly plays passively and only cares about winning, but at the end of the day, you have to admire the insane grind he must have gone through. So those first two guys clearly centered their entire game around winning. As many games as possible, so let’s change things up a little and focus on a guy who has an insane number of kills per match. Now, be warned: this guy’s sample size is much smaller than the first two, but that’s because Stats like his are simply impossible to maintain over a large period of time. The Number of Games So, this guy named “ihave6000wins” plays Onps4, and I’d like you to look at his kills per match as I display his stats on the screen. That’s right, this guy averaged a whopping 24 points per game over the course of 58 games. Kills per game: 72 Now, in my opinion, this is by far the most important.

So far, I’ve seen some impressive statistics. And, while I am somewhat skeptical that some sort of foul play is involved here, as I previously stated, I believe we simply have to trust Fortnite’s cheating/boosting detection system, which clearly hasn’t caught this guy. My guess is that this was a collaborative effort between three of his friends.

Where they simply did everything they could to assist him in getting kills, but even if that is the case, 24+ kills per match is still incredibly impressive. And unless he managed to slip through the cracks and use something like an aimbot, he has earned my respect. Interestingly enough, that player’s name was Ihave6000wins, and our next player’s name is simply “i Have Wins,” and he’s from the United Kingdom. In the entire video, our first player is a PC player. Now believe me when I say that his name is one of the most accurate I’ve ever seen. , I Know I Showed You A Guy With An Insane Amount Of Wins And A Very High Win Percentage A Few Minutes Ago, But I Think This Guy Is Even More Impressive. As you can see, your eyes are not deceiving you here; I have won. In Fortnite Season 9, he has played 2952 squad games and has won every single one of them. But, as unbelievable as it may seem, that isn't even the most bizarre aspect of I Have Wins' statistics. He did not get a single kill in those 2952 total games and wins. This guy clearly thought that winning nearly 3000 games in a row wasn’t enough, so he just flexed his muscles. He Became A Full-Fledged Pacifist Who Refused To Kill Even A Single Person As Everybody Became A Little Harder. I’ll tell it like it is, Personally, I don’t see how you could have any fun doing what he did, so get this guy and his teammates some gold medals or something. The last player I’d like to highlight in this video is a man named On Xbox, we have Shipings716 who is also our first non-squads player. In Season 9, he has the most impressive stats of any solos player on the planet, in my opinion. As you can see, unlike the majority of the other people on this list, this guy’s statistics are extremely well-rounded, and he doesn’t focus solely on one thing. With 1,152 solo wins in Season 9, he leads the league by a wide margin. Second-place finisher has a score of just over 800. He also has an insanely high win percentage for a solo player of 57 percent. 3%, but the fact that he also averages a whopping 7 is what I admire most about Shipings’ statistics. The average number of kills per match is 67. The majority of the squad members you saw were in their early twenties. 'So Shipments' They’re completely blown out of the water. As a result, he also happens to be the world’s best player for total solo mode kills in Season 9. So just an incredibly well-balanced player who I would not want to come across if I were playing solo. So, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you watched it all the way through, please let me know in the comments section below. Which particular statistic in this video did you find the most impressive or mind-blowing? I’ll also make sure to include the, Fortnitetrackerpages For All Players in the description below. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, and do whatever else you want. I’ll see you guys again next time.