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By | April 17, 2022

What’s Up Everyone, Chaos Here Today We’re Gonna Be Checking Out Ten Of The Hottest Female Character Skins In For Night Battle Rio Be Sure To Let Me Know Which Is Your Favorite And If We Should Do A Male Character Skin. For Tonight May Be Doing Its Best To Be A Kid-Friendly Game But That Doesn’t Mean That They Want Their Character Skins To Be Unattractive In Fact They’ve Gone In The Complete Opposite Direction For Many Of Their Skins Edition Drop A Like And We Can Make That Happen As Well In This Is A Common Thing In Videogames People Are Always Rating Video, Game Characters So Let's Take A Look And You Let Me Know What Your List Looks Like This Month's Giveaway Is For A New Playstation 4 This Month's Giveaway Is For A New Playstation 4 This Month's Giveaway Is For A New Playstation 4 To enter, simply leave a like on this video, subscribe to the channel, and turn on the console. In the comments section, tell me why you want to win the PS4 and include your Twitter handle so I can contact you if you are the winner. The winner will be announced at the end of the month. Go through these quickly, and at number ten, we have Sunstrider. This beach-themed skin is currently ranked number ten on the list, and it is one of the most popular skins to see on the battlefield, owing to its rapid rise to one of the try-hard skins Quick Name 3 Trihard Sweaty Specialist Now This Old-school Skin Was Only Available To Those Who Had The Battle Pass For Season 2 And Made It All The Way To Tier 56 Which Is A Shame Because She's One Of The Coolest Skins In The Game Plus She Easily, Gets A Spot On Today's List And I Actually Have The Sun Static In The Comment Section Or Maybe It's Just Because It's A Cute Skin I Mean What Do I Know What Do You What

This Is The Skin Scarlet Defenders Is Also One Of The Most Common Skins To Be Seen In The Item Shop As It's Been Oh In There Over 15 Times Since It Was Introduced In February Of This Year, So You're Probably Gonna Have One.

There are numerous opportunities to choose her. Number 7 Heidi This Oktoberfest Themed Skin Has Only Been In The Shop Once For The Holiday, Which Is A Shame Because There Are Probably Plenty Of People Out There Who Wish They Had gotten Her While They Had The Chance. Chance Plus She Came With The Pretzel Protector In Pretzels Are Always A Plus I Don’t Have The High D Skin A Number, Six The Dark Bomber I Immediately Snatched This One Up Now The Bry Bomber Was A Pretty Popular Skin Which Led To Her Halloween? But There Was Something There Was Something Better About The Dark Bomber Maybe It's The More Sinister Look I Don't Know Hopefully They'll Bring Her Back Alter Ego Or The Cubes Alter Ego Dark Bomber We’re going to the shop before the Fort Nightmare event ends on Sunday. Have Arcane Era Kane I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about this skin that appeals to me. I’m not saying I want to date a videogame skin or anything. That I’m Just Saying There’s Something About Black Widow Type Skins And That’s Why She Got Her Number On The List Today A Number For The Beef Boss Come On Seriously, the skin is sexy, and who says it’s a guy? Number 3 Dusk is the sixth season’s battle. Paths’ skin is one of the more uncommon to see on the battlefield due to the fact that it is locked until Tier 71, but those who have unlocked her are most likely fans like Hurricane. Hurricane, I can’t say with certainty that I’d write it super high, but I’ll gladly give her a spot on today’s list, and hopefully that’ll be enough.

For Her At Number 2 Fable This Is Another Season 6 Battle Paths Skin And It's Rapidly Becoming One Of The Most Commonly Seen On The Battlefield Likely Due To The Fact That People Are Starting To Reach That Point In The Battle Pass Fable Was Kind, Of A Cool Version Of Little Red Riding Hood And I Doubt She's Going To Be Running From Any Wolves And At Number 1 Today There Was No Doubt Calamity Tier 1 This Skin Made Waves Calamity Is One Of The Higher Tiers, With Her Duster Jacket Is I'm Just Not Sure Which One Is, But I Think She Deserves The Number One Spot And There You Have It, My Friends, Those Are 10 If You, Guys, Enjoyed This, Make Sure You Subscribe There’s A Playlist Below With All The Other Videogame Top Tens That Go Up And I’ll See You Soon