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By | April 22, 2022

Hey Guys, Perplexify Here And In This Video We'll Be Counting Down Five People Who Did Crazy Things As If They Were In Video Games But Make Sure To Watch Until The End, Because There Are These Cops Who Think They're In Gta Or Something And They Do Something Crazy In Quick Disclaimer Never Try Anything In This Video We Show The Consequences Of Running From The Cops And What Not To Do And Of Course Never Try Anything From Video Games E He Actually Ends Up Hitting The Police Car's Side Mirror And The Police Just Upgraded The Police Chase and Starts Going After Him So He Looks Back And Doesn't Find The Cop But Keep Watching He's Just Flying Down The Back Roads And, The Cop Definitely Had To Call In A Helicopter To Chase This Guy Down Something Unexpected Happens As Another p Attempts to flee and elude the cops, which is a terrible idea and should never be attempted because this is exactly what not to do. He Is Facing Serious Consequences He Is Unable To Get On The 101 South He Is Unable To Get He'd have to go around the block on the 101 north from this particular area, but he's just now coming up on very very slow traffic, so Let's See What He Does Here He's Little Traffic He's Just Come Up On Traffic That Is Now Stopped At The Intersection Of Uh Santa Monica Boulevard And The Santa Monica Boulevard North 101 Off-ramp So Uh Just A, Lot Of Congestion There They're Going To Spin Them They're Going To Spin Them There We Go Oh He's Going To Hit That He's Going To Hit Guys, be careful because he’s starting to go insane after hitting a police car, and the chase is about to begin.

Get Crazy Okay, Look At That Wow, He’s Been On Santa Monica Boulevard So He Just Made The U-Turn After Getting Spun And Colliding With A Secondary Vehicle On The Street He’s On Right Now We now have multiple helicopters chasing this guy. We saw him get off the freeway, and we have what I believe is a large number of helicopters chasing him. That Chp Chopper In The Shot There Officer Um that Might Be One I Can't See It Very Well From Uh I Believe That Is This I Believe That Is Alright So You Guys Are Very Close To What's Going On You Know Exactly Where You In Front Of Everyone Just Did A U-Turn Okay Hang On Guys Hang On Right Here This Guy Fish Tail Spun Around And Now His Back End Is Facing That Sound Wall Number Three, we have this package thief who gets instant karma because the owner of the house opens the door just as the robber tries to steal, and then his car gets stuck in the snow as he tries to flee. Of course, he gets in a lot of trouble because the cops arrive.

And It’s So Funny, But Never Try This This Robber Got Exactly What He Deserved Yeah That’s Done You’re Done They’re Done Cops Is Coming Cops Is Coming Cops Is Coming

It’s hilarious because the guy even tries to advise the robber to get out by saying, “It’s front-wheel drive you need to get the other it’s front-wheel drive you need to get the wheels on the ground it’s front-wheel drive you need to get the other it’s front-wheel drive you need to get the other it’s front-wheel drive you need to get the other it’s front-wheel drive you need to get the other it’s front-wheel drive you

So The Cops Arrive And This Is Why You Should Never Steal Number Two, We Have This One Kid Who Is Pretty Much Thinking He Is In Gta Because He Just Hijacks Someone's Bike Of Course In Real Life There Are Major Consequences And The Owner Of The Bike Chases The Guy Down And Ends Up Calling The Cops On Him You Guys Gotta See What He Does When The Cops Are Cold No Oh So He's Just Clinging The Highway And The Cops Are Behaving Like Gta Cops Where They Can't Seem To Catch Up To The Driver But The Helicopter Is Able To Follow Him And As Soon As The Cops Catch Him You Have To See What They Do And Never Try Anything Like This Because You'll See The Consequences Of This Guy's Actions Watch Him, Start Punching Off The Side Mirrors Of Cars This Is Such A Bad Idea And It He Went Through That Intersection And Then Went Right Back On The Freeway It Was A Kind Of Dangerous Move There Passing The Car On The Right Hand Side He's Raising His Hands Because, He Must Be Running Out Of Gas Soon But Watch What The Cops Do Still Northbound On That 170 Freeway Uh Some Sort Where Does This Lead Him That's Right This Is Right he's Finally Given Up and the cops are able to swarm him, and he ends up in jail as a result. This is why you should never do this. There are officers with guns drawn on both sides of the water. Officers are there with a gun and are uh talking to him.

We're waiting to see if he'll resist, but he's not moving and there he's not complying with the officers who wanted him to lay down, lay flat, and that's exactly what he's done. Now they have to force him into that position because he's not If you made it this far, you are officially awesome. Remember to like subscribe and check out my other videos