Fortnite mobile

By | April 10, 2022

What’s up guys, Robby here with another video today I decided to conduct an experiment to see how many frames per second the M1 Ipad Pro 2021 gets in endgames because, as you know, this is the best and newest Ipad Pro apple has released, but no one really knows how well the frames will drop in endgames. So I Went Into A Scrim And My Only Goal Was To Survive Until Endgame And See How Well The Ipad Performed Through Every Zone And How Much Fps You'll Get From The Ipad Pro 2021 If You Are New To The Channel Please Consider Subscribing Because I'm Going To Be Uploading The Best M1, Ipad Pro 2021 Content So Yeah Let's Get Into The Video I'm Going To Be Show

Due to the current ban, it manages to stay above 100 frames per second for the majority of the match, but it drops below that during high-intensity moments such as the entire lobby rotating at the same time or multiple players shooting at the same time. Hopefully, once the game returns and is optimised, the full power of the M1 chip will be harnessed and the game will run better in those high-intensity moments.