Fortnite item shop today

By | March 24, 2022

What’s up guys, we’re checking out the Fortniteitem Shop today, and it looks pretty hot! Look at that, I want that hot ride right therethis looks sick! It’s like a Back To Future Car Slash Flying Freaking Car Hover Thing! I’m not sure, but it’s pretty cool, man. I’d like to get my hands on it.

Badass, Badass, Badass, Badass, Badass, Take a look at that s** That’s A Glider, Dude! Are You Serious? I Want That! Anyway, You Guys Were Amazing During The Support A Creator Event, The Cuddle Hearts is a special event. I've done a lot of research and I've I’ve been getting a lot of new supporters, which I really appreciate. So far, I’ve gotten about 57 supporters, and I’m getting a lot of commissions from you guys just by using my code, Support A Creator Tag. What Would You Do If You Guys Did That? It’s Nbrs-commander, but we’ve got a lot of cool stuff in the item shop, so check it out. Look At That, That Looks, Sick Too! We Got This Valkyrie Thing, That's Prettycool That’s a cool glider right there! And then there’s this Valkyrieschick, who appears to be pretty badass. Yes, that’s something I’d be willing to go along with. Then there’s this Survival Specialist who is pretty cool, to say the least. Then there’s this Survival Specialist, which is really cool. Hell yeah, and we have the Pure Salt Emoji, which is pretty cool. When you kill someone and use this emoji on them, it irritates some people. Laughing out loud Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Then there was Zany, This Is A Zany, Oh, That’s A Cool Dance. It’s something I can dig into. I don't know if it's a little goofy or not. However, I am always down for new dances, so why not? Then there’s the Recon Specialist, which is fine. To me, it appears to be a variation of a default. Cloaked Shadow, whoa! That does appear to be pretty sick. I Have the Ability to Rock

Dude, take a look at those wings. Look at those wings, and that’s him without them. Damn, that looks pretty cool. Anyway, During this Support A, Creator Event, You Guys Have Been Pretty Freakingawesome. I Can’t Thank You Enough, I Can’t Thank You Enough, I Can’t Thank You Enough, I Can’t Thank You Enough, I Can’t Thank You Enough, I Can’t Thank You Enough So, if you’re new to the channel, please go ahead and do that.

To The Item Shop And Use That Support A Creator Tag… Nbrs-commanderi Nbrs-commanderi Nbrs-commanderi Nbrs-commanderi Nbrs-commanderi Nbrs-commanderi Nb Anyway, I’m sure there will be some more bizarre items in about 5 years.

Hours, but you only have about six hours to get these hotitems, and we’ll most likely make another video reviewing the item shop soon. It's because it's It’s Kinda Cool I didn’t even look at it because it looks like a plunger with a sword, like what is that??? Haha, it appears that some dude despises plumbing and says, “F*** this job.” Anyway, I appreciate you guys, so hit that like button, subscribe if you haven’t already, and share on social media if you want to.

And, you know, if you guys would… Of Course, Subscribe, but also leave a comment down below; it means a lot and helps me get the video out to more people, so I appreciate it. Thank you so much! Goodbye!