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By | March 28, 2022

– That’s a 512 Gigabyte Dimm Right There Inside this box is a server with three to six terabytes of memory, sort of like a supercomputer. This allows it to run workloads like simulations with never-before-seen complexity without incurring large performance penalties due to data swapping in and out of its bulk storage, which is mostly used for backups. Now, the truly astute among you will have a good idea of what's in here. But, for the rest of you, I’d like to say something. What if I told you that you could take an Ssd and turn it into a

Instead of RAM, place it in your system’s memory slot. Is It Ever Actually Cool? And, for you guys, we’re going to do a follow-up where we really put it through its paces. And, of course, this video is brought to you by Pulseway, our real-time remote monitoring and management software for our servers. It’s not just for servers. It can be used on workstations, laptops, and other devices. It Assists You In Troubleshooting On The Go Using Any Mobile Device to Send Commands It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Additionally, their single app includes remote desktop functionality. You can monitor the system, resources, logged-in users, and network performance in real time. You Have Control Over Windows Updates Their Endpoint Protectionfeature enables you to install Pulsewayantivirus across multiple systems and ensure that they are always fully protected. You can also create, deploy, and automate custom scripts to automate IT tasks such as deployments, patching, security, backups, reports, and so on. And There’s More So give it a shot. At Pulseway, you can get it for free. com or by clicking on the link in the video description If you liked this video, you might be interested in our lastbig server upgrade series, Petabyte Project U, in which we deployed a petabyte of storage in a single day.

Enclosure for a single 4u We did it twice, so that's four times the thickness of this one.