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By | April 6, 2022

Powered by Google Translate >>> Please accept my apologies. Good day, everyone. Misi is my name. Powered by Google Translate >>> Please accept my apologies. And I’ll tell you where I got the Vbuck in this video. How Do I Purchase A More Expensive Battle Pass Package For 2800 Vbucks At The Start Of The Season And Immediately Advance To Tier 26? No. I don’t buy it in the store for real money. Although The Truth Is That I First Bought The Right To Battle, Pass Here For 950 Vbucks, Then I Bought 1000 Vbucks For Huf 3000, And During That Season, I Made A Total Of 1500 Vbucks And 550 Left Of Course, This Required Tier 100 Levels, But With Daily And Weekly Challenges, This Was Easily Achieved That’s why I’m filming the challenges for you.

So It’s Worth Doing The Main, Quests As Well From Season 4 Onwards The Second Method Is The Daily Login, Which Is Possibly The Easiest. You Play The Game Every Day And Receive… There’s something Vbuck, and You Get, Vbuck, Vbuck, Vbuck, Vbuck, Vbuck On average, 150 Vbucks per week, but there are 800 available. Is Nothing For 2 Weeks Here Is A Chart That Shows Us All Of The Vbuck Rewards For Logging In On A Daily Basis That's a total of 10,000 Vbuck in 336 days just for entering the game! It starts counting from 0 on Day 337. Method 3: There Is A Site Called 'stormshield' If You Miss A Day, You Don't Have To Start Over, Just 1 Day Late, That's It. Without it, you can find tasks on the map, but it makes it easier. one' This page shows us all of the current quests for which there are some Vbuck rewards. These rewards range from 25 to 40 Vbucks. There are no rewards for the first four days, but there are 130 Vbucks per day after that. Method 4: Daily Quests Every Day We Get A Quest With A Reward Of 50 Vbucks!! Based On The Daily Logon Day, Let's Calculate This, So In A Total Of 336 Days, It's A Total Of 400 Vbucks!! If you add that 10,000 Vbucks, you’ll have a total of 16800 Vbucks. In about a year, you’ll have 30,000 Vbucks. Of course, we can spend our 50 Vbuck on Battle Royale as well! For example, there is a quest in Twine Peaks that requires us to complete three missions, for which we receive 50 Vbuck.

100 Vbucks There are three daily quests in the game at any given time, and one of them can be replaced once a day if we find it too difficult. For example, killing 300 Husks with a Sniper or Rifle might be difficult. This isn’t an impossible task, but let’s make it more difficult for ourselves. There are four different types of daily quests, one of which is the one described above. Above, in the Killing Quest, you must kill Husks based on various criteria. Category 2 is Destruction, in which we must destroy various objects. Category 3 is Discovery, in which we must visit various locations. Category 4 is Other / Special, which includes, for example, the aforementioned 100 Vbucks Daily Task. They’ve made videos of all the tasks, including what to do and how to do it. Click on it in the corner, and it’ll appear at the end of the video if you click on the thumbnail below. These, I believe, are the most important things to know about the game! The World Isn’t Free, But It’s Good You Won’t Be Bored In About 4 Months You Can Almost Max Out If You Play A Lot, Which Means You

You can upgrade your weapons, traps, and heroes, and then go on to do your daily quests. Of course, updates and new content will be added to this section of the game, so the developers won’t leave you bored. That was all I had to say about it. My 'save The World' videos can be found on my YouTube channel, and it’s not too late to subscribe. Goodbye