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By | April 18, 2022

What’s up, Fortnite fans! The Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals have come to a close, and as the dust settled, the Axe Of Champions remained in the hands of some, while others raised it for the first time. There’s A Lot To Talk About, So Let’s Get Started! Medal Fks And Kings Bleed Over In Middle East Was The First Duo To Claim The Top Spot This Fncs. They exploded out of the gates on day one, finishing second in four of their first five games, including three in a row with 6, 7, and 8 eliminations, respectively. Closing the day with a strong 7th place finish in a three-elimination match put them 50+ points ahead of the rest of the field heading into Day 2!

Might take a breather after finishing 38th in Match 7 with no eliminations and failing to score a single point. But it was only a minor hiccup, and they quickly recovered, placing no lower than 11th for the rest of the day, or the entire tournament, and finishing with another 2nd place finish and 7 eliminations. This would put them 42 points ahead of a charging NŠ°chiiri and Gntl, and despite not winning a game, fks And Bleed would take home the top spot. In The Region, And The Axe Of Champions! Basil & Jace, from the Oceania Region, walk away with a whopping 499 points in the finals. Let’s Talk About How They Got Here! Day One Went As Expected, With Basil And Jace Playing Consistently From The Start, Scoring A Second Place In Game Number One. This consistency continued, with 217 points at the end of the day. They needed to bounce back on Day 2 and stay consistent as other teams drew closer. The second day had arrived, and it was time for them to shine. Knowing that consistency was key, Basil and Jace started off strong with a third-place finish and eight eliminations. This Was Only The Beginning

Start with them because third place was their lowest position on Day 2. Furthermore, they won two Victory Royales, each with multiple eliminations. When the final game rolled around, the rest of the lobby was left behind, concentrating on who could finish second to Basil. In Chapter 3 of Season 1, Jace Clearly Takes The Title Of Fncs Champions. Only Queasy & Hen were able to win the European Region.

Queasy is now a two-time Fncs champion, and Hen is a three-time winner. This duo has been dominating since the beginning of the season. These Guys Were On Top Whether It Was 3rd Party Tournaments, Duo Cash Cups, Or Solo Cash Cups. The Leaderboards of With a 2nd place finish in the first Fncs qualifier and a straight ticket to the finals, it appeared that Fncs would be no different. Towards The End On the first day of the finals, they were in fourth place, only 11 points behind the leaders. First in one of the most crowded and tight leaderboards ever seen on Fncs Throughout the games, each player’s playstyle perfectly complemented the other, with Queasy being the big brain leader who tends to play it safe in fights, whereas Hen is a fighting mastermind who is overly aggressive. They’ve been doing this for the entire season.

They Had Proved That They Were The Lobby’s Number One Height Team, But When It Counted, They Were Also Showing True Versatility By Being Able To They were able to overcome any situation that was placed in front of them. They were in first place going into the final match of Day 2, but they were nipping at their heels. Their opponents were two of the region’s best teams: Tayson and Th0mashd, and Kiryache and Stormyrite, making the final game a battle of champions. Queasy, uncharacteristically, goes down early in the moving zones, leaving Hen to clinch the entire tournament win on his own. Moments like this are what make champions, and this will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable moments in Fortnite competitive history. Bugha and Mero did not start the season as teammates. They teamed up for the 3rd Duo Cash Cup, a tournament they won. Then the two looked ahead, anticipating Chapter 3 Season 1 Fncs. They’re Finished 8th in Qualifier 1, advancing to the finals for the first time. It didn’t matter what happened in the qualifiers when the Fncs Finals started. Bugha and Mero Couldn’t Be Stopped! They Pushed Into End Game In Every Match! They only finished in the top ten twice.

Bugha and Mero both demonstrated teamwork as well as individual efforts. They bullied teams in the middle of the field and displayed incredible solo abilities throughout the tournament. As the Finals of the Fncs progressed, their lead only grew. The Harmonious Duo Won A Victory Lap In The Final Game, Claiming Their Third Tournament Win in A Row. It only adds to the two’s growing list of accolades. In Na-east, Bugha and Mero have risen to a new level! As usual, we’ve saved the West for last. The North-West is a region that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. Using With a total of 20 Fncs Finals appearances, Snacky And Favs will be able to keep their Axe Of Champions after securing another Fncs Champion title. It Wasn’t an Easy Road, To Be Sure. They Had A Difficult Start To Day 1 In The Semifinals, But Eventually Walked Away With A Vr Qualification In The Day’s Final Match. This resulted in them receiving a golden ticket to the finals. The First Day Of Finals Had A Surprising Turn Of Events There were fewer veteran Fncs duos at the top of the leaderboard this year. After Day 1, Snacky And Favs were in 7th place overall. To make a second-day comeback, they’d have to break a Na-west record by climbing six spots up the leaderboard. And that is precisely what they set out to accomplish. In individual eliminations, Snacky led all Na West players, demonstrating that his mechanics aren’t to be laughed at. Combining that with his and Favs’ synergy, they were able to secure four 30+ point games on Day 2. Despite this, the last match was a nail-biter. During the Moving Zones, all of the top five duos were active. Slowly, one by one, they began to fall. Snacky And Favs Finish Second In The Last Game Is Having the Best Average Enough? Spoiler Alert: It Is! Snacky And Favorites, As Well As Their Placement In Their Region Became Chapter 3’s First Na-West Duo Fncs Champions With back-to-back Fncs victories, the question arises: are they the new Na-west kings? A new season, a new map, and a new format in duos The Champions’ achievements will be immortalized in the Hall of Champions, which will serve as a constant reminder of their achievements. As everyone looks up to those who wield the axe of champions, they now realize that this year’s Fncs will be even more difficult than the previous year’s. But, now that we’ve learned our lessons, we’re all looking ahead to the next Fncs. We’ll see you all on the Battle Bus until then. Bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee-be