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By | April 18, 2022

Tilted Towers Is Secretly On The Island And No One Knows, Not To Mention There’s Literally An Ice Monster Lurking In The Snow. Fortnite Chapter 3 Has Finally Arrived, And There Are Some Insane Secrets That Epic Have Hidden That Completely Changed The Way I Looked At This New Chapter Tilted Towers Is Secretly On The Island And No One Knows

So, Let's Start With Something You Might Have Noticed: The Secret Pontoon Boat Okay, Back In Chapter 2 Season 3, There Was One Of The Most Overpowered Secrets In Fortnite History Hiding, On The Island Every Time You Loaded Into A Match, A Secret Pontoon Boat Would Appear Far Off The Coast Of The Island One That You Could Barely See On The Mini Map If You Went To This Boat Back Then, You Would Get A Ridiculous Amount Of Loot Except for a few missing chests and stuff, it appears in random locations around the island and pretty much works the same way it did before. This is still a super viable drop that no one knows about. But what’s really creepy is a secret huge dinosaur there is something absolutely terrifying lurking in the background of Chapter 3 and it has gone completely unnoticed in the, cover art for the season. It’s filled with hidden details and Easter eggs but there is one that stands out. There’s A Hole In It And It’s Making Sounds Yeah, That’s Definitely Something Breathing We’re All Sure, There’s Something Sleeping Under The Snow And Once It Melts It’ll Be Revealed And Well, It Looks Like This Mystery Might Have Already Been Solved If You Watch

Jerry Isn't A Game Right Now, But I'm Willing To Bet That It's The Adorable Animal Sleeping Underneath This Pile Of Snow And This Cute Creature Is Probably The Child Of The Creepy Looking Dinosaur From The Cover Art So Maybe It'll Be A Whole, Family And It Turns Out It's Not The Only Love Thing That Could Be Spot If you look even closer at this huge trunk, you can kind of make out the outline of some buildings, and if you’re a veteran player, you might even realize that this fits perfectly with the one and only Tilted Map. Towers Yes, It Appears That Og Tilted From Chapter One Is Returning To The Game Fortnite Confirmed Secretly In The Fetch Notes That The Snow On The Mountain Is Returning To The Game The Island will be melting over time, which means Og Tilted could take a month to appear on the island. We’ve been waiting for this for years, and the Chapter 3 graphics still look great. While We Sit Back And Wait For Og Tilted To Be Revealed It'll Take A Little While The Snow Is Far From Being Completely Melted Don't Worry Chapter Three Is Full Of Amazing Secrets That Nobody Knows About, And That Includes The Lock Secret But Now You Probably Explore The Chapter, Three Island A Little Bit And Notice That There Are Actually Some Vaults Back In The Game They're Usually Around, The 7p W Century That Is Roaming The Nearby Area And Then Down Them Once You’ve Done That, Place Them On Your Shoulders And Walk To The Vault Door It Should Scan

Both of you at the same time, and actually count it as a second player, and presto, you’ve gained exclusive access to a vault in a different city.

How Insane Is This? You Could Also Do The Same Thing If You Hire An Npc And Bring Them In The Room With You And Speaking Of Two People, Having Teammates Does Give You Benefits With The Revived Secret Okay Something That Went Completely Under The Radar, Was A Change In Chapter 3 To The Way That Revives Work For Years The Revive System Has Been The Exact Same, You Get Down, You Lose Health Over Time, And Your Teammate Can Pick You Up But We Can Now Work Together To Help Our Friends Up Even Quicker With More People Helping But What Nobody Expected This Season Was The Fact That Double Pump Is Back And I'm Not Kidding You Might Have Been Playing Chapter Three And Noticed That The New Striker Pump Shotgun, It's Not That Good Okay The Timing Between Each Shot Is Longer Than Anything We Have Ever Seen Before And It Just Makes It Useless At Times But Thankfully There Is An Ins With This Gun, Double Pump Is Finally Back Yes, You Can Actually Pair Up Two Striker Pump Shotguns And It Will Shoot Faster Than Wood With Just A Single Pump Even With The Shotgun Delay That Is How Slow, The Shotgun Is It Literally Is Quicker To Double Bump With The Delay So If You Want To Use The Pump Don't Forget This Incredible Secret Moving On Let's Talk, About The Secrets Of The Trees Okay We' Because we've been distracted by that, no one is talking about the other incredible secret features of these new trees Shockingly, It Turns Out That You Could Actually Cut Down The Tree And If It Lands On Someone It Will Completely Insta-kill Them And Then You Can Take Your Log And Bring It To A River And Use It As A Boat Just Pi Go Flying These Trees Are Secretly The Fastest Vehicle In The Entire Game And Speaking Of Fast Mobility, You Must Know About The Sliding Ramp Trick Okay Something That Will Take Some Getting Used To Is The Brand New Sliding Feature It's A Game-changing Mechanic But Obviously We'll Need A Little Time With It One Of The Best Is The Sliding Feature It's A Game-changing Mechanic But Obviously Ways To Use It Right Now Is Actually An Overpowered Secret If You Have A Sky Base That You Need To Get Down Or I Don’t Know You Just Need To Rotate Faster Than Everyone You Can Pull Off One Of The Coolest Tricks In All Of Fortnite Simply Slide Down A Ramp It’s completely insane, but you can keep building as you go. Once you’re back on the ground, make sure to check out the secret cave system. There are a few massive mountains on the island, and they look incredible thanks to the Chapter 3 graphics, but some of them are far more than they appear on the surface, particularly the one north of Shifty Shafts. At first glance, it appears to be a regular old mountain, but if you get close enough, you can break into the boarded off mine shaft and discover a secret cave system inside. Okay, there are a lot of seven outposts all over the island, but in the top right corner of the map you can actually find a very unique version of them in the Hidden Seven Base. One’s Basement There Is A Vault And A Ton Of Audio Recorders In One Of The Buildings It Is Here That You Can Actually Listen Back To All The Audio Logs We've Been Collecting Around The Island, You Can Also Listen To Them In Order It Is A Perfect Little Secret For Storyline Lovers And Challenge Collectors Whatever Speaking Of The Seven There Is One Person We Can't Ignore And That Is The Foundation And A Trick With Him As I Said There Is Health And Those Rocks He Throws Back A Punch Don't Need To Be Wasted Because There Is A Secret Trick To Defeating The Foundation In Five Seconds You're Trying To Get His Myth That You Are In Luck All You Need Is A Harpoon That’s all there is to it; all you have to do now is build. If you do it correctly, the foundation will fall all the way to his death, and the boom he saved himself, a massive headache, and the secrets get even more fun with the Quadcrasher secret Okay Something We Were All Not Expecting To See When We Loaded Into Chapter Three Were The Quadcrasher Secrets Okay Something We Were All Not Expecting To See When We Loaded Into Chapter Three Were The Quadcrasher Secrets Okay Something We Were All Not Expecting To See When We Quad Crashers We Had No Idea They’d Be Back, But Now That We Can Experiment With Them, It Turns Out You Like Them. Can Still Perform The Classic Quad Crasher Flying Trick With Them In Chapter Three But The Secrets Continue Because If You Find A Quadcrasher Near Crackshot’s Cabin And The Surrounding Areas You Will Actually Come Across An Exclusive Style Yeah For Some Reason They Become Christmas Themed And Have Custom Designs On Them But Look A Good Crack Shot But Not As Good As The Record-breaking Contrail Let Me, Tell You If You Find A Quadcrasher Near Crackshot’s Cabin And The Surrounding Areas You Will Actually Come Across An Exclusive Style Yeah For Some Reason They This Season’s Battle Pass Is Filled With Amazing Cosmetics, Especially Spider-Man And The Foundation, But While We’re All Admiring These Guys, There’s Something Hidden Away In The Battle Pass That No One Has Found Yet It’s A Con Trail. It’s called Crescent’s Flame, and it turns out that this contrail is actually a record-breaker in that it’s the first ever to have multiple edit styles, so don’t miss it.

Out On This One, It’s A Piece Of History Right Here, But What’s Really Interesting Is That Only One Npc Has Special Dialogue, Whereas In The Previous Chapter, There Were A Lot Of Npcs Around The Island And Almost All Of Them Had It's On A Secret Dialogue, Basically They’d Say Hidden Messages To You Depending On The Skin You Were Wearing, But With The New Chapter 3 Comes A Fresh Start Apparently As Every Except for one thing: If you go to Camp Cuddle and talk to Cuddle Pool, she'll usually just ask if you need her advice, but if you equip the Spider-Man skin and talk to her, she'll say this instead: It Turns Out Carter Pool Has A Pretty Vivid Imagination She Also Says How's It Going Boss If You Talk To As Deadpool And Ask To Borrow Your Robot Arms Wearing The Cable Skin And That’s It She’s The Only Npc On The Entire Island With This Dialogue And Despite That, We Have To Talk About The Secret Collaboration Okay Fortnite Is Seizing, An Upcoming Collaboration And Is Hiding It Right Under Our Noses If We Don’t Pay Attention You Might Have Come Across A Concrete Blockade With A Familiar Looking Logo On It If You’ve Been Trying To Explore Every Nook And Cranny Of This Island You Know Your Games? You’ll Recognize This Logo As The Gears Of War Symbol, Teasing That A Collaboration With Them Is Intimate Enough That You Can Even See The Skins Or Sneak To The Chapter 3 Trailer I Mean Epic Are Massive Teases But

The Web Slinger Secret Is By Far The Coolest Secret In The Game Right Now I Think It’s Safe To Say We Were All Pretty Disappointed. We Loaded Into Chapter 3 This Week And Looked All Over For The New Mythic Weapon I Mean In The Trailer We Could See People Swinging Around Using The New Mythic Web Slinger So Where Is It Well Epic Confirmed That It Actually Isn't Releasing Until December 11th And So We Kind Of Just Accepted This, And Moved On Our Day But If You Log Into Arena And Drop On Greasy Grove You Could Talk To An Npc Crazy Secrets In Chapter 3 So Far Did You Spot Anything We Didn't Well Let Me Know In The Comments Please Also Throw Some Video Ideas Down Below Thanks So Much For Watching Guys It's Been Tommy And Keep It Here On Top 5 Gaming Thanks So Much For Watching Guys It's Been Tommy And Keep It Here On Top 5 Gaming Thanks So Much For Watching Guys It's Been Tommy And Keep It Here On Top 5 Gaming