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By | May 21, 2022

Hello everyone, it’s Illogical Jj here. It’s Wednesday, which means there’s a lot going on in GTA Online. Today’s GTA News Event Week Update is for April 22, 2021. One way to try and get rich off a casino’s dime is to trade in your cash for chips. Another option is to assist Agatha Baker by completing casino work missions and assisting the house in running errands around Los Santos, such as fending off mercenaries, chauffeuring VIPs, and generally being useful. Ms. Baker will make your time worthwhile by awarding triple the usual cash and Rp on all casino work until April 28th. Multiple Walkie-Talkies Inside If You’d Rather Get Your Hands Dirty

The Diamonds have been speculating about a possible delivery of diamonds to the vault this week. The Only Way To Confirm Or Disprove The Rumors Is To Investigate The Vault’s Contents To See If The Odds Are On Your Side So, when scouting the casino’s vault this week, you’re far more likely to get diamonds. Remember that you can scout the Diamondsnow and complete the casino later. Rp And Gta Money Are Doubled Sometimes the greatest foe in a stunt race is gravity itself, rather than your co-competitors. Whether You Defeat A Natural Force, Your Compatriots All players will earn double, Gta Money Andrp on all Rockstar created stunt races through April 28th, unless they end up in a fiery hunk of charred metalon the business end of a loop-de-loop. These races can be found in the Pause Menu’s Jobs List or by looking for them on the map. Turn Your Torso Into A Walking Billboard By Competing In Any Open Wheel Race This Week To Have The Open Wheel Sponsor Tee Added To Your Wardrobe Next Week To Get This Tee, All You Have To Do Is Play a single race The Shirt Won’t Arrive Until Next Wednesday This Week On The Podium: Annis Re-7bWhile You May Be Assisting Or Interfering With The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Financial Success(or Just Visiting The Bar), There’s No Downside To Spinning The Luckywheel: There’s Gta Money, Rp, Clothing, Mystery Prizes, And More, All Up For Grabs At No Cost To You.

You, on the other hand, Theannis Re-7b, a Japanese-built racing prototype designed with the most exacting specifications and race conditions in mind, is this week’s top prize on the podium. Curate Your Space: The Casino is offering 50% off all penthouse decorations.

If your party guests keep commenting on how drab your new venue is, it’s time to make some new friends… and some new d├ęcor. Fortunately, all penthouse decorations are on sale for half price.

Feel Free To Deck Your Halls Out, Perhaps With The Latest And Greatest Works By Artists Like Urbanski, Dimi, Gaspar Losa, And More, At The Casino Store, Conveniently Located In The Diamond’s Lobby. Don’t Let Envy Get In The Way: There’s A Grab-Bag Of Discounts On, Offer This Weekthat’ll Help You Climb The, Social Ladder, Whether It’s 40% Off The Master Penthousesuite Atop The Diamond And All Its Customizations And Add-ons, or A Selection Of Vehicles That Are Sure To Turn Heads.