Fortnite Account Merge

By | June 14, 2019

Fortnite recently introduced a new feature to the game that allows players with multiple accounts to merge everything into a single one. This new feature will be available until the Season 9 starts so if you’re seeing this article after the launch of the ninth season of Fortnite Battle Royale, we’re sorry to break it down to you but it’s probably not available at the moment.

There are a few tweaks and things that you should know beforehand about Fortnite Account Merge. To be able to start the account merge process, your accounts must not be disabled or banned. Previous bans or penalties don’t affect this so even if you’ve gotten banned and it’s lifted off, you can use the merging process with no issues at all. Other requirements for this process are

  • You must have access to all connected e-mails of the accounts you want to merge.
  • Third party logins must be disabled so if you have Facebook or Google+ enabled on your Epic Games accounts, make sure that you remove them.

Also, not everything will transfer over to your primary account with this process. Support-A-Creator status, Save the World level, Creative Islands, and Unreal Marketplace items will not be merged over. Once you meet all the necessary requirements for these and okay with the changes that will occur, the merging process will start and take around two weeks. You will be informed with an e-mail from Epic Games that everything is all done.