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By | April 15, 2022

Looking for the best free cloud storage service these days? You’ve come to the right place. With Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, and Pcloud being some of the biggest names in the world of cloud storage, it’s easy to get confused. But don’t worry, we’ve made this video to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

With many people now working remotely, Cloud Storage Technology Has Come To The Fore Making Remote Collaboration And Data Sharing As Seamless As It Gets Thanks To Incredible Technology Like Cloud Storage, We Can Now Effectively Team Up With Our Coworkers Without Being With Them Physically Cloud Storage Also Eliminates Many Weaknesses Of Physical Storage Units So You No Longer Need To Worry, We Have Vetted Many Free Providers And Hand-picked The Five Best Free Cloud Storage Services Out There We Have Rated And Ranked These Services Based On Five Key Aspects These Are Features Security Privacy Interface And Pricing On A Related Note Please Press The, Like Button If You Enjoy Watching Our Content It Will Just Take A Second But It Helps Us A Lot If You Haven't Subscribed To Our Chan Please Press The, Like Button If You Enjoy Watching Our Content It Will Just Take A Second But It Help So, if you want to see more high-quality images, click here. Now, let’s get down to business. We’ll go over our top picks in descending order, so stick with us until the end to find out which one is the best of them all. Dropbox Dropbox Is Widely Regarded As The Grandfather Of All Cloud Storage Services And It Is Difficult To Make An Argument That When It Was Established In 2007 Not Many People Believed In The Concept Of Cloud Storage It Came And Made Believers Out Of Non-believers And The World Has Not Been The Same Ever Since And While It Is No Longer The Best Cloud Service Nowadays It Is Still Good Enough To Earn A Spot On This List The Service Is Quick And User-friendly Of Mind That You Can’t Get With Completely Free Services Admittedly, This Free Offering Isn’t Completely Free. Only has basic features, but it allows you to share your files publicly, which is incredible. There aren’t many features to discuss in terms of the free plan. Concerned But It Can Be A Perfect Option For You If You Are Only Looking For A Basic File Store While It Does What It Says On, The Tin We Advise You Not To Expect Anything Extra Or Premium However It Is Worth Mentioning That Dropbox Gives You 16 Gigabytes Worth Of Free, Storage For Successfully Referring The Service To Others For Every New User You Successfully Refer You Will Get An Additional 500 Megabytes However You Will Have To Refer Many More To Actually Reach The quota Paid Plan The Dropbox Plus Plan and the Professional Plan are the two paid plans available, with the former costing $9 per month. The latter is a little more expensive at 99 dollars per month for about two terabytes of space. At the age of sixteen, 58 per month for three terabytes of storage, but Dropbox isn’t the best option if you need a lot of space. If security or privacy are top of your priority list, aside from the fact that the company’s security has been breached in the past, it’s also less than ideal that there is no support for zero knowledge encryption. If you’re looking to store important or sensitive files, you might want to look into other options, but if you’re only looking to store non-sensitive files, it can be a good fit. Option Besides Its Simple Interface, Many Cloud Storage Services Next Up On Our List Is Ice Drive, Sitting On The Fourth Spot Ice Drive Is Not Nearly As Old As Dropbox, However The Company's Immeasurable Impact In The Industry In Its Short Existence Means It Now Sits On The Same Level As Dropbox.

It's Mainly A Paid Cloud Service, But It Offers A Generous Free Storage Space Of 10 Gigabytes To Every User As Soon As They Sign Up With The Free Offering, And It's Well Deserved Ice Drive Doesn't Offer The Most Robust Features It Lacks Common Functions Like Folder Upload Links Collaboration Tools And Block Level, Syncing Which Are Available In Other Big Names Despite The Omissions, It Is Still A Great Basic Cloud Storage Service It's Especially Suitable If You're Only Looking To Sync Your Files Between Different Devices Or Share Them With Others Apart from the strong Two Fish Protocol, it also supports Zero Knowledge Encryption, which means that nobody except you knows what you’re doing. You Can Access Your Files Another Impressive Feature That We’d Like To Point Out Is That You Can Download All Of The Personal Data That The Company Has On You. This Provides A Great Deal Of Transparency On Top Of That It Is Gdpr Compliant If You Are Not Satisfied With The Free 10 Gigabytes You Are Given, The Company Does Offer Three Reasonably Priced Upgrade Options The First Plan, Which Costs 19$, Is For Those Who Are Not Satisfie The second plan, which costs $99 per year and provides 150 gigabytes per month, is only available on a yearly basis. Is it 49? 99 a year or 4 a year The third plan, which costs $17 per month and includes one terabyte of cloud storage space, is the company’s flagship plan. 179 per month or 99 per month This plan is best suited for small businesses because its five terabytes of monthly storage space may be too much for an individual. Additionally, every Ice Drive plan comes with the option to purchase it for a lifetime, allowing you to pay a one-time fee to enjoy the service and the plan. If you prefer a lifetime option, the first plan is the most expensive. The second plan costs 149 dollars, and the third plan costs $4 dollars. The Only Catch Is That Your Bandwidth Is Limited To 250 Gigabytes Per Month 2 Terabytes Per Month With These Plans. Or Eight Terabytes Per Month Depending On The Plan You Choose If You're Interested In Ice Drive's Premium Tiers See The Official Link We Have Added In The Description Box Down Below If You Want To, Get A Special Discount On This Service Next Up We Have Google Drive Which Takes The Third Spot No Matter What Your Preferences Are It's Almost Impossible For Anyone To Write A Good Review Of This Service No Matter What Your Preferences Are It Google Drive Is One Of The Top Free Cloud Storage Services You Can Find But It Offers A Lot More To Make It A Worthy Inclusion On Our List Thanks To Its Neat Integration With The Famed Google Docs And Also Its Super Generous 15 Gigabytes Of Free Storage Space It Is One Of The Top Free Cloud Storage Services You Can Find But It Offers A Lot More To Make It A Worthy Inclusion On Our List Thanks To Its Neat Integration With The Famed Google Docs And Also It

There's No Need To Do Anything If You Already Have A Google Account Because Every Google Account Comes With Free Storage As Standard. This Storage Space Applies To Gmail Drive And Every Other Google Product Like Google Photos While This Is Not In Any Way A Problem, It Is Something You Should Consider If You Already Have A Large Photo Collection On Google Servers. It's Also Worth Noting That Google Drive Is The Best Free Cloud Storage Service If You're On A Budget.

The 15 Gigabytes Of Free Cloud Storage Space Offered By Google Drive Is One Of The Most Generous, Free Offerings In The Markets Because While The Free Space Can't Be Expanded With Referrals Or Freebies Like Many Of Its Competitors, It Allows You To Upload Some Massive Files If You Need, More Than 15 Gigabytes Of Space You'll Have To Buy Additional Storage The Price Each Individual Pays Usually Depends On Their Residents in the United States typically pay around $19 per month. 99 Dollars a Year This is about 199 per month for 100 GB of storage space, which is extremely affordable if you want to store a lot of data. You may prefer the 200 Gigabyte Plan or the 2 Terabyte Plan, both of which cost 29 dollars. 99 Dollars Per Annum And 99 Dollars Per Annum Another significant benefit of using Google Drive is that it is free for the first year. Allows you to share extra storage space with family members, making it one of the best options for families. Next, we have Microsoft Onedrive, which is our second best pick. Onedrive is to Microsoft fans what Google Drive is to Google. With Its Seamless Integration With Microsoft’s Popular Email Platform Outlook, Google Users com It's A Perfect Fit For People Who Love Microsoft And Its Products Besides Onedrive, It Also Nicely Integrates With Windows 10 And Offers A Range Of Great Mobile Apps To Aid Work On The Go Additionally, Onedrive Allows Users To Share Files With Non-onedrive Users Keep In Mind Users Can Edit Their Files Online Without Having To Download Them, Which In Our Opinion Is A Magnificent Addition Free Users Only Get A Meager 5, Gigabytes Of Cloud Storage As You Would Expect This Can Be Expanded To 100 Gigabytes Without Spending Much Money If You Own A Microsoft 365 Account Either Through Private Purchase, Educational Institution, Or Work You Will Get One Terabyte Of Free Storage If You Own A Microsoft 365 Account Either Through Private Purchase, Educational Institution, Or Advanced Features The Pro Version Has A Lovely Dark Mode And Works Well With Microsoft Teams It's It’s also worth noting that the company has increased the file uploading size limit to 250 GB from 100 GB previously. Users of Onedrive in the past had security concerns, but that is no longer the case. The tech giant now protects your data with Aes 256-bit encryption, which is the highest level of encryption available at the moment. You can choose a Microsoft 365 plan that includes one terabyte of storage space for $69 per year. If you choose the Family Package, you will receive a storage space of six terabytes for 99 dollars per year. If you don't want all of that, you can opt for a basic Onedrive plan for 199 monthly, which includes 100 GB of extra storage space but no office access, ransomware protection, or password protection. Finally, Pcloud is our highest rated free cloud storage provider, sitting at #1.

This is not only the best all-around cloud storage service, but it is also the best free cloud storage service, thanks to a number of significant offers for newcomers. Pcloud Is A Cloud Space That Allows You To Effortlessly Store Your Folders And Files Pcloud Is A Cloud Space That Allows You To Effortlessly Store Your Folders And Files Pcloud Is A Cloud Space That Allows You To Effortlessly Store Your Folders And Files Pcloud Is A Cloud Space That Allows You To Effortlessly Store Your Folders And Files Pcloud Is A Cloud Space That Allow

The Seamless Interface It Comes With Means You Don’t Have To Struggle To Find Where Anything Is Located Or What Any Icon Does Everything Is Easy To Get, Making It An Ideal Fit For All Categories Of Users. Additionally, The Cloud Service Offers A One Month Trash History And Limitless Remote Upload Traffic The Only Thing You Need Is The Files Url As Expected Though You Are Limited When It Comes To Downloading. The Premium Plus package gives you 2 Terabytes per month, while the Premium package gives you 500 Gigabytes per month. While it has bandwidth limits, it does not appear to have any file size limits for uploading, allowing you to sync large media files, which is another significant benefit.

List Of Advantages Another point worth mentioning is that the cloud service provides clients for all mobile and desktop platforms, as well as allowing users to log in through websites, which is fantastic. Keep in mind that the cloud service now allows users to choose between the US and the EU to store their files. We Should Also Note That The Swiss Parliament Has Recently Passed A Law That Expands The Country's Surveillance, Power, While We Are Not Sure As Of Yet How This Affects Privacy Oriented Companies That Have Chosen The Swiss As Their Location.

We Feel It's Something You Should Still Keep In Mind Because Of Its Previously Favorable Privacy Laws That Said We'd Like To Note That For Just 4 Individual files can also be passwordlocked for 99 per month on the two paid plans. 88 and 95 are two different numbers. This Service Also Comes With One Of The Few That Provide Lifetime Plans It Essentially Gives You A Permanent Drive On The Cloud The Company Also Offers A Family Package, That Lets You Share Your Storage Space With Four Other, Family Members The Good News Is That The Cyber Lab Viewers Can Get A Special 65 Discount On Peak Cloud Just Make Sure You Buy The Service Using The Official Link We Have Suggested

For A Limited Time Only, So Act Quickly That Wraps Up Our List Of The Best Free Cloud Storage Services We Hope You Enjoyed Watching This Video Now It’s Time To Give Us Your Feedback Which Cloud Storage Service Do You Think Is The Best And Why Let Us Know In The Comments Section

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