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By | April 23, 2022

Do You Have Issues With Your Fortnite Game, Such As When You Launch It Nothing Happens? Or When The Library Says The Game Is Running, But The Game Screen Won’t Pop-Up! If You Have Those Issues, As Well As Any Other Issues Where You Launch The Game, But It Just Won’t Start, Watch This Video Until The End, And Try These Solutions!

Few Methods I’ll Show You In My New Video, How To Fix Fortnite Won’t Launch On PC! Before We Continue, Don’t Forget To Like, And Feel Free To Subscribe, If This Video Helped You, Because

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To Start With This Method, Make Sure The Epic Game Launcher Is Closed! To Do That, Click This Arrow Down On The Taskbar To Expand It! Now Right Click On Epic Launcher And Click Exit! Open File Explorer, Go To C Drive, Then Program Files, For Me It Is X 86 Folder, and Then Open Epic Games Folder! If You Can’t See It Here, Go To C Drive, Then Program Files, For Me It Is X 86 Folder

Back to the Program Files Folder, and look for Epic Games! You’ll find Fortnite here, but I installed it on a custom location, so I’ll go there! Inside Fortnite, open Fortnite Game, then Binaries, and Then Win64! Now press and hold the Ctrl Key on your keyboard, and click with your mouse on these two folders, Battle Eye and Easy Anti Cheat, and then on these four files! You can now release Ctrl, navigate to any of the selected files, right-click them, and select Delete! Don’t worry, this will not delete or uninstall Fortnite! When you’re finished, open Epic Game Launcher! Go to Library, and you’ll notice that next to Fortnite Launcher it says Repair! This is because we deleted it.

Click on the three dots here, and then click Verify! The game will now be scanned for any missing or corrupted files, and if any are found, it will replace them with new ones. Leave it to the end of the scan, and when it’s finished, don’t launch the game! Close Epic Launcher, too! Now right click on Start and select Search! Type epic Games, and right click on Epic Game Launcher. Select,run As Administrator! It will take some time to launch, so don’t worry! After Epic Game Launcher has launched, go to Fortnite and launch it to see if your problem has been resolved! If you still can’t launch the game, try the next method!open File Explorer, go to C Drive, and then Program Files X86! Double-click on this file! In this window, click Yes, and then click Here To Expand This, and then select Game 217, which is our Fortnite game! Finally, click Finish! Now you must go into your Fortnite installation!

Folder Again! For You,Program Files,Epic Games,If You Didn't Change Anything During Installation,And I Will Go To My Custom Folder! Right-click this first file and select Properties!Click on the Compatibility Tab and check the box next to,disable Full Screen Optimizations, and Run This Program As Administrator. So, check these two boxes, then click Apply, and Ok! Now, do the same thing with these three files!right click, properties, compatibility tab, and check When you’ve finished with all four of these files, return to Epic Game Folder, open Launcher Folder,then Engine, binaries, Win64,and Here Go To Epic Game Launcher,right, Click On It And Select Properties! Click On Compatibility Tab,and Here Only Check Box Where It Says,run This Program As Administrator! Click On Apply And Ok!now Start Epic Game Launcher And Launch Fortnite! If the methods worked for you, and you are now able to launch Fortnite without any issues, please hit the Like button and subscribe to my channel with the bell turned on, so you can be notified when I upload my next,easy way tutorial!bye!