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By | April 18, 2022

We’re in the Aegean College elevator going to the seventh floor after nearly having a heart attack because the registry wasn’t up to date with the events of the day. To Begin, Would You Like To Tell Us About Your Place Today – That’s All- Bye – Byeee Greetings, John From Coding Jar Here With Us Today We Have Alex And Pavlos, Two Important Persons To Begin, Would You Like To Tell Us About Your Place Today – That’s All- Bye – Byeee Greetings, John From Coding Jar Here With Us Today We Have Alex And Pavlos, Two Important Persons To Begin, Would You Like So, um, go ahead, go ahead, I’m Alex, and I mostly work with 3d. We have an indie game development team, which isn’t a big business sector in Greece, but we’re trying to help grow it in our team, and I’m doing the 3d part as well as trying to manage the financial development, our investments, and so on. While Pavlos, as he will also tell you, is doing all of the coding and will tell you exactly what he works with, I am, in practice, the programmer, the game designer, and everything else a game requires to progress forward, aside from what Alex does. And We Are Lucid Ferret Together Alright, Cool! So Today We Are At Aegean College, For The Unreal! Would You Attend a Developer Meetup? Would you like to say a few words about the meetup, and how do you think these meetups will affect the gaming and game development communities?

The First Thing I’d Like To Make It Clear In Greece Is That This Surreal Meetup Is Not Something We Made Up. It’s an Epic Games official meetup, and we’re just helping out by hosting it. That’s not to say that we’re trying to prove anything, but what we’re trying to show is that there’s enough community feedback. So Epic Games, in turn, wants to invest more in Greece, and we want to find a way to bring them here in order to help grow the Greek gaming industry, which is currently quite small. Many people are unaware that game development is a profession, while others make a living doing it. Would you like to add a word or two?

Everything you said, and how it could help As I previously stated, if Epic Games decides to come to Greece after receiving enough community feedback, this will indirectly benefit all small or larger teams already operating in Greece. Investors will also turn their attention to Greece, increasing our chances of reaching more people and, most importantly, investors. At the end of the day, we want to be able to support ourselves. I don’t want to do this in my spare time, you see. I Want This To Be My Job, And Practically All Of This Means That If We Have Epic Games, We Will Also Have Support, Spotlight, And All Of Those Things, Because It's A Huge Company That Does This, Kind Of Work, So They Pretty Much Provide All Of The Afforementioned Indeed They Are Quite Famous You Also Said That You Are Part Of A Company, Lucid Ferret For The Time Being It's Just A Team You Also Said That You Are Oh, Ok, A Team, Are You Currently Developing A Game? Yes, We Are Currently Testing Out A Couple Of Titles Because We Are Doing Something Like A Small Game Jam Practically, Each Month We Create A New Title And We Learn Some New Things We Need For The New Games We Want To Create While At The Same Time We Are Also Focusing, On Creating A Specific Game Which At This Point Is Just On The Drawing Board So I Am Not Sure What To Comment On That. You also stated that this is for all game developers in Greece. Do you believe that the Greek game development scene could be competitive with the international game development scene at this time or in the future?

S I L Y E A S I L Y And That Is Practically What We Should Do. No Matter How You Look At Things, There Is A Greek, Everywhere, Globally, And This Greek Has Done Something Amazing Or Not. But, in general, Greeks do a lot of things, and we have great minds, great artists, and great creators. However, the time is running out. In order for us to demonstrate that, on the surface, we can already compete, it's just that, at this time in Greece, there is minimal support, either from the state or simply from people. For example, a child who wants to be a game developer has almost complete support from his or her parents. The general culture has been “oh, what is this? games? you are going to be playing” for many years. They have no idea what game development means even now.

Many individuals and small teams who are already competitive but haven’t had the opportunity to present their work Yes, indeed So What Do You Want To See In The Next Year From The Greek Gaming Scene Both As Developers And Gamers Woo, This Is Gonna Be A Big One For A First Step I’d Like To See All Of This Growing, And Get To See Really Good, Games That Have To Do With Making People Feel Emotions Since There Are A Lot Of Them Right Now To aspire to create video games, Because I want to make people feel the same emotions that I did when I was a kid and was playing. Wow Factor For Me, In The Future, I Would Definitely Like To See The Gaming Industry And Developing Industry Begin To Be Accepted By People That is what I believe, and I am confident that it will be accomplished in due time. I believe that the thing that is holding people back is their lack of access to evidence. You Can't Say That This Team In Greece Has Made It And Has Created A Huge Company, And We Need A Big Hit From, Inside The Community So That Others Also Say Oh, There Is This And This Happening-, That It's Not Just Little Kids' Toys It Doesn't Matter Who Does It, If It's Gonna Be Us Or Some Other Team, But At Some Point Someone Is Going To, Make It And -Regarding Development in Greece- As we previously stated, our dream is to start our own business, and we would like to do so. How Could We, In Your Opinion, Spread The Gaming Development Culture In Greece And Specifically To Younger Ages Who Are, Objectively, The Future Game Developers Look How Could We, In Your Opinion, Spread The Gaming Development Culture In Greece And Specifically To Younger Ages Who Are, Objectively, The Future Game Developers Look How Could We, In Your Opinion, Spread The Gaming Development Culture In Greece And Specifically To Younger Ages Who Are, Objectively, The Future Game Developers Look, Practically The First Is To Incorporate It As A School Lesson Would Definitely Have A Huge Impact, But It Is Very Difficult To Change In The Current System – So Practically- I Would Also Like To Emphasize Once More That Parents Usually Don't Support Such A Thing – Because The Culture We Already Discussed Exists- Exactly, That We Are Just, Playing Games Practically, I Believe That The Most Important Issue Is This, Just Like We Are Playing Games Children Should Be Going To These Events, See What Is Going On, And Maybe It Would Be A Good Idea To Go With Their Parents, So That They In Turn Understand What This Thing Is, Because When You Just Hear Of Something And You Do Not Know What It Is, You Are Afraid Of It, You Mock It, And Such As A Lot Of Parents Want Their Kid To Become A Lawyer, Where Has Romanticism Gone An I Want It To Become A Doctor Where Has Romanticism Gone What Pavlos told me the other day was spot on: What Does A Kid Do Nowadays? It's Influenced By Youtubers Or Those Who Stream Live If For Example Someone, Instead Of Just Marketing A Game. Start marketing his work, the entire concept behind making video games, and we’ll have a lot more interest from younger audiences. Pavlo, you mentioned earlier how older games used to elicit emotions in gamers, but in today’s world, gamers’ focus has shifted from single player experiences to more cross platform and online experiences. What kind of advice would you like to give to new developers as a group? Take a look at what you’re trying to accomplish. Because we’re talking about an online part, and that’s where you’ll be leading the conversation, start as a conversation. The Question Is, “Why Are We Having This Online Part?” But, since we’re here, let’s talk about it for me, in general. Don’t Give Up, Ask Around, And Get Your Hands Dirty, Do Stuff Because If You Don’t Do Stuff, You’ll Learn Nothing, Practically This Now Regarding Online Online Is A, Very Big And Difficult Thing, Which In It would be wise to avoid using my opinion as a starting point. It Would Be Better To Learn A Thing Or Two First And Then Try Online I Would Say Personally That It Has To Do With What Each Person Wants Because If You Are Looking For Quick Money I Would Suggest That You Don't Start This But If Game Development Fills You And Indeed Brings You Don’t Give Up Because There Is A Very Nice Chinese Proverb About Golden Bamboo And What It Says Is That You Plant A Seed, You Take Care Of It For 4 Years, And Then On The Fourth Year, Within 6 Years

It Has Grown To Be 5 Meters Tall In Months And The Question Is: Did The Bamboo Grow In 6 Months Or In 4 And A Half Years? And The Answer Is: In 4 And A Half Years So, If They Have Really High Expectations And Goals, They Usually Get Disappointed, It Is A Slow Process That Requires A Lot Of Persistence And Patience In Order To Get, In The End, What They Deserve Since We Discussed Are Single Player Games Dead, As Many Believe, Or Do You Think They Still Have Life? For Me, They Are Not Dead, Because That's What We Learned To Play And What We Love At Least For People Our Age And Older, And In The End, What Online Gives That Single Player Does Not, Is The Presence Of Other People Because Most People Today Are Sealed Off In Their Homes They Have No Friends, Or Social Skills But For Me, Single Player Gave Me The Presence Of Other People Totally Different Immersion And Feeling, Because, as I previously stated, Hollow Knight is a single player game for me, and I was completely immersed in it at one point during the meetup. If it were an online game, I wouldn’t be able to play it. It also has to do with how the developer presents the game and how it conveys emotions such as love for a character, as there are times when, for example, I Wanted To Cry For What The Character Goes Through In Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2, Which Isn't Possible In An Online Game Personally, I Don't Believe Single Player Games Are Dying, Or Will Ever Be Because, Single Player And Online Games

Closing Off, As We All Know, Game Development Takes A Lot Of Time Is There Anything That You Always Have By Your Side Either A Computer Or A Smartphone? When You’re Developing, What Do You Eat, Drink, And Listen To?Chocolate, Water, A Lot Of It, And As For Music, It Depends. If I’m On The Edge And Nothing Works, It Goes Without Saying Metal, And I Don’t Know Why But It Does, Otherwise Something Else. Many times I have baked with the right headphones on, chill music playing in the background, and something that doesn't get your hands dirty. Rolls, But You Have To Pause Development For A Little While Because You Have To Wash Your Hands Afterward, -That’s Why I Said Chocoloate And Lots Of Iced Tea- I Agree, So That’s It From Us For Now. Would you like to express your gratitude to someone? We’d like to express our gratitude to Aegean College and Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We are not alone, and there are many options available to us. That’s all we have to say about it. We saw a very positive movement and reception from the crowd, and we hope that this trend continues. Next time, it’ll be in a bigger room, stuffed to the gills!