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By | April 19, 2022

Hey Guys, In this video today we’re going to go over eight simple controller for nine tips that I wish I had known earlier, and when I say simple, I mean none of these are anything groundbreaking that will make you a beast on their own, but they are helpful little tricks. That Will Take You No Time To Implement Into Your Game All Of Them Should Carry Over Flawlessly Into Next Season, And They Will Definitely Help You Now In Certain Situations If you're a more experienced player, you may already be aware of some or even all of these tips, but I'm confident you'll find at least one useful, so without further ado, let’s get started. In certain situations, a little trick I’d like to share involves your finger positioning on the controller. For example, if you hold the controller normally, your thumbs will be on the right and left.

Thumb Sticks (as the name suggests) And Then Your Two Pointer Fingers On The Left And Right Triggers For A Biessing And Shooting This Is Great For 99% Of The Time But There Are Times When Holding The Controller This Way Actually Hurts You And That's When You Need To Reaction Build Let's Say You're Running Through An Open Field And Someone You Don't See Has You Lined Up With Their Gold

The issue is that the vast majority of people have their building menu bound to a button, such as B on Xbox Circle on PS4, which is a button you’ll press with your right thumb, and going from right thumbstick to B Slash Circle is a very long journey. On a regular controller, you’ll have to first recognize that you’re being shot at, then you’ll have to move your finger all the way from the left to the right. Right Thumbstick To Whatever Button Pulls Out Your Building Menu And Only Then Can You Actually Start Spamming Walls To Protect Yourself So The Better Alternative Here Is To Simply Have Your Finger Rest On Your Building Menu Button Instead Of Right Thumbstick, Because All Right Thumbstick Does Is Adjust Your Crosshair So If You're Just Running In An Open Field With A Good View Of Everything In Front Of You Unless An Enemy Emerges From The Shadows Take a shot With your Ar in the distance, simply return your thumb to your thumb stick and you'll be fine. The Next Tip Will Help You Tarpon Fortnight A Little Faster. A Very Common Building Combination That A Lot Of People Like To Use To Change Positions On High Ground Is The Two-level Tarp That Is The One Where You Place A Floor And Then A Cone On Top Of It It's A Really Great Structure Because It Allows Yo Different Structures Now, most people will build this by laying the floor first, then putting the cone on top of it, and repeating the process over and over again. Obviously, this works, but there is a much faster way to do it that many people are unaware of. Actually Doesn't Matter Which Structure You Place Down Firms If You Place A Cone And Then A Floor The Floor Will Always Go Under The Cone That's Just The Way The Building Grid Works So Because You Don't Have To Worry About The Order The Pieces Get Placed In You Should Be Pressing Your Cone, And Floor Button At The Same Time Which Makes The Process Much Quicker Rather Than Carefully Going L Brb L Brb Just Go L Br Try it out and see for yourself because you’ll be surprised. As long as you press the cone and floor button at the same time, you’ll be fine.

You'll Be Able To Do That To Level Tarp While Sprinting With No Problem At All The Next Tip Concerns A

Not Enough People Are Taking Advantage Of A New Feature That Fortnight Has Recently Added To The Game So, a few weeks ago, in a random update, a new feature was added to the game that allows you to easily pinpoint the direction, and even the exact location, of where shots are coming from. This isn't some cute little feature that looks cool but doesn't really have much use. Guys, if you didn’t see it, I’m going to show it to you again. So, let’s say you edit Away A. If you Hover Your Crosshair Over The Empty Space And Press Your Edit Button, It Will Say Unable To Edit And Not Let You Do Some Things If You Hover Your Crosshair Over The Empty Space And Press Your Edit Button It Will Say Unable To Edit And Not Let You Do Some Things If You Hover Your Crosshair Over The Empty Space And Press Your Edit Button It Will Say Unable To Edit And Not Let You Do Some Things If You Hover Your Crosshair Over The Empty Space That Is Something That Gets People Killed In Hectic Situations Where They Are Trying To Reset Their Edit All The Time. However, There Is A Super Simple Workaround For This. All You Have To Do Is First Pull Out Your Building. If, Tip Number Five, I Want To Show You Guys The Two Most Popular Methods To Do A Lo Pad In Fortnight In Case You're Unfamiliar This Is A Method To Make It So That When You Hit A Launch Pad You Don't Go As High In The Air So There's Less Of A Chance For Your Enemy To Hit You A Lo Pad In Fortnight In Case You're Unfamiliar This Is A Method When the player is on high ground, the first method is to use a regular low pad. This is as simple as putting the pad in place, putting a wall behind it, and then putting a ramp on top of that wall. The Second Method Is The Super Low Pad, Which Is Even Easier You Simply Place A Floor At Your Feet Go To About The Halfway Point Of It Look Straight Down And Place A Ramp So It Goes Behind Your Back Then All You Have To Do Is Place The Pad At Your Feet And It'll Work Perfectly With This Method You'll Go Significantly Lower Than Even The Regular Low Pad Tip Number Six Is A Situational One B There Are A Bunch Of Chests On Top Of Objects That Can Be Two To Three Shotted By An A Are All Across, The Map So This Tip Can Definitely Be Our Second To Last Tip Is One That You Should Use Whenever You’re Running Out In The Open And You Know A Sniper Is Nearby. What A Lot Of People Make The Mistake Of Doing In This Situation Is Sprint Jump And Keep Repeating That Process Over And Over Again. The Problem Is That Jumping Actually Makes You Fairly Easy To Hit With A Sniper. Sniper, Because Your Movement Is So Predictable Once You Leave The Grass, A Much Better Alternative Is To Spring In A Sort Of Zigzag Pattern While Still Moving Forward The Entire Top Your Movement While Doing This Is So Much More Unpredictable And Random That It Makes You Almost Impossible To Hit Unless The Sniper Gets Really Lucky, And The Good News Is That This Is So Much Easier To Do On Controller Compared To Let’s Say An Enemy Hops Into Your Box One By One From The Front Wall, And You Need To Take A Point-blank Range Shotgun Or Smg Fight. What You Don’t Want To Do In This Situation Is Back Up And Hit Your Back Wall. This May Sound Weird, But Moving All The Way To The Back Of Your Box Actually Creates A Very Weird Problem With The Game’s Camera Angle At First, Your Character Model Becomes Very Zoomed In

Even though this is an issue, it is still a good idea to see your player model in close-range fights because it allows you to see your position in relation to the enemy, which makes it easier to dodge shots. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing, please let me know in the comments section below. If you want to know how excited you are for Chapter 2 Season 3 on a scale of one to ten, leave a like, a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, and do whatever you want, and I’ll see you guys next time.