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By | April 6, 2022

Do You Want To Know How To Log Out Of Your Fortnite Account On PS4 Well Theking Said Right Video My Name Is Jack Truong Let's Get Right Into It Just Letting You Guys Know I Am Doing A Giveaway On This Channel I Had 25,000all Right All You Have To Do Is Subscribe I Post Notifications Like The Video Tell Me Why You Should Win With Your Instagram Pen Okay, if you guys want to help me out even more, like doing more giveaways, just use Coach Atf All Right It’s Three Letter Jt Yeah And This Is A Head I’m Getting A Low Commission From You Using My Cover Thank You

Let's Get Back To Today's Video Question: Do You Guys Really Need To Know How To Logout A Four-Night Account Or Are You Just Here To Support Me? Let Me Know Down In The Comments Alrightalright So The Way I Start With Any Other Video For Me

You Go To The Epic Games Website So Be Epic Gamescom Slash Fortnightdonor You Sign In To Sign, In Your Account Do You Already Play In The Fournight Yes You Choose Your Whatever You're Signingin With Your Email Login Now Bam Done Right Your You Already Signed In, Alrightyou See My Code Right Here On The Top Right It Shows I'm Sign-in You Hover Toaccount Clic Now Bam Done Right Your You Already Signed You can disconnect from whatever you want, like I'm showing you guys how I'm disconnecting from my PS4 and how much I'm disconnecting, but I just want to show you guys that I am connected to my PS4 right now, so I'm going to show you guys my Ps4 right herei'm connecting Getting On To Signing In To Check My Tea Which Is He I Just Sawit Was On My Connection I&# Because this isn’t that difficult, so take a seat. I don’t play them on hereswear that often, but you see, I’m in the game. Yeah, I didn’t buy any Battle Passes, but whatever I’m in the game I’m in the game. Sign-in Right This Is My Account Right Here You See That Icon With The Monkey Or That's Me Right We're Going Back To The Website Here I Might, Hit This Disconnect All Right Sowould That Being Said If You Disconnect It You Aren't Gonna Lose Something Someprogressive Skins Like Just Say You Have A Skin And And There's Like A Couple Ofskin That They Upgrade Like To Say Skin One You&#39 To Get The Nextskin Right Like That The Evolution Of That Desk In Or Need 20,000 Exp

An Extra Custom Thatprogress For 20,000 Or Whatever You Did Will Be Lost So Like If You Lose Your Skin You Don't Lose The Skin But You Lose The Progress Of The Next Skinif That Makes Sense Right So That's Basically Let's Show Youthe Warning All That You Will Be Reset In Some Ways But You Will Retain Your Account Because It Is Linked To Your Epic Games Alrightyou Hit Unlike That's About It I'm Gonna Show You Guys On The Ps4i'm About Cuz I'm Getting Disconnected But That's Pretty Much It Thank You Go Back Here There's Gonna Show You That You Are Disconnected I'm So We're Getting Here On The PS4 Account But Part Of The NextThing I Want To Do On This Video Is To Let You Guys Know There's Some Questions I'mjust Gonna Go Through Some Little Videos On This Same Topics, Cuz There's A Lot OfQuestions Right Someone's Gonna Pick A Couple Question To Answer You Guys Cuz Ii Feel Like It Should Be An Answer Because Why, Notplus Off The Okay, so what’s up, how’s your day? I’m just kidding, my days are fine. I’m just trying to do what I have to do, which is to bring this video here. As I previously stated, the channel has been growing at a rapid pace. I’m doing a 25,000 giveaway, and we’re only about 800 subscribers away from 25. Could you please help me out? Guyssubscribe And If You Want To Help Me Out A Little More With A Little Moolahuse Cochiti Up In For Night Item Shop Alright Hashtag Ed Alright So Much I'mbut To Try To Log In It's Not Working Alright Hashtag Ed Alright So Much I'mbut To Try To Log In It's Not Working Alright Hashtag Ed Alright So Much I'mbut To Try To You Want Lincolno'clock You Just Following Instructions I Can Make A Video Of This If You Guysneed It But You, Guys Are Sparring Up For This Right Alright So Let's Go To My Let's Go To My Youtube Channel Here Go To The Comments Of One Specific Video Which I Made Another Video Cover Like Two Three Months Ago On How To Sign Nowat Fortnight So You Can Go There And Look At It Right Alright So Let's Go To My Then It's Heresome Of The Questions Alright Cuz I'm Not Gonna Answer The Question If It's Dumbbut You Know I Tried To, If It's A Reasonable Question I Tried To Answer Italright I See Let Me Just Go Ahead And Turn Off A Ps4 – We Good Comments Here Idid All Step That's Not A Good Question, Things Up A Lot All Right Here's For Tech Chapter Two, you can either turn off your computer and restart the game, or you can redownload the game and see if that works. If I log out of my PS4 and want to log into another account, does it have to be the same platform? You can use the same platform as long as it is not connected to a different Epochs Account. Okay, so that's a question I want to log out of my Epic Games account. You Don’t Play A Song At The Same Time Alright Silent Data And120 Coca Pakistan I Am Wrong I Lost All My Stuff You Don’t Lose All Yourstuff Is Connected To Your Fps Account Jc In And You Only Have One Account

You Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps4 Account Because You Just Don’t Lose Your Ps Unlinking Your Epic Account From Your Psworkout And If, You Want To Real Aughh In Likeand You Can If You Want To Let Me Go For Another I Can't Log Back In You Can't This Guy Sees That Were Edgy Alright Ohgod Thank You So Much This Help Yeah All Righti Feel Like I Cover Everything Some Of The Questions Like I Feel Like It'scommon Sense But Oh I'm Gonna Answer It Thank You For Being Here Brenda's Really Usefullet Me Know Right Here Just A Little Poll I'll Put Is This Video Useful Yesor No When You Just Put Right There Alright Thank You Again, I'll See You Guys In The Next I'll Flip Do You Need Any More Help On This Topic On How To Log Out Of Your For Night Accounts On Ps4 I Have A Wholeplaylist R