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By | May 13, 2022

[music] Hello Everyone, Welcome Back To Rocket League Trading Prices Today I'm Going To Give My Opinion On All This Stuff About Epic Games Taking Over Rocket League And Supposedly Ruining It But First Please Consider Subscribing With Notifications On And Leaving A Like On The Video It Doesn't Take Long It Doesn't Take Long It Doesn't Take Long It Doesn't Take Long It Doesn Take Your Time, You Can Always Unsubscribe Later, And If You Do Want To Support The Channel, Use Creator Code Rlt Prices In The Item Shop Thank You Just Quickly Before We Get Started Do You Ever Find You Don’t Have Enough Credits To Buy All Your Favorite Rocket League Items And You Don’t Like How Most Items From The Shop Are Insanely Overpriced And Untradable Well With The Sponsor Of The Video You Can Buy Credits And Almost Any Item For Reasonable Prices At A Yoa, And They Will Be Delivered To Your Account Quickly And Securely The Link To Ao’s Website Is In The Description Of This Video, And Make Sure To Use Our Discount Code Rl Trading

So Many People Have Been Complaining About How Epic Games Took Over, Rocket League, And Now They’ve Made The Game Die When Actually Epic Games Don’t Completely Own Rocket League It’s Still The Psionics Developers And All Those Important People Who Own Rocket League Make The Updates And Decide On The Item Shops And Rocket Pass And Rlcs And All That So It Isn't Epic's Fault That The Numbers Have Been Down Recently Epic Actually Completely Revived The Game This Time Last Year It Was In A Much Worse, State Than It Is Now And Then Making The Game Free To Play And Promoting It, Changed It All Around Because it's still Psionics making these decisions, so while Epic Games bought the company and gets a cut of the profits, they aren't telling the Psionics developers what to do, so all of the changes we've seen are still very likely to have happened even if Epic Games hadn't bought the company. Everyone had just gotten used to having a million players online and a variety of different players to trade with, so now, even The Fact That We Can’t See How Many People Are Online Anymore Now It Just Says Good Or Great Usually And We Have No Idea How Many People That Means I Guess That’s To Stop Channels Like Us Comparing Play Accounts And Saying Rocket League Is Dead But Those Sorts Of Things Are Completely Unnecessary

Videos get a lot of views, and now we can’t make them because there’s no way of knowing if people are playing the game or not. I guess when the player count gets low enough, it’ll change and we won’t be able to make them anymore.

Let’s say the total is bad or something, so we have a rough estimate, but it’s not the same thing.

I’m curious to see what the RLCs Twitch Live Streams will be like this season. Last season, every stream had at least a hundred viewers. Thousands of people were watching, but the number of players has dropped significantly since then, so I’d like to see how many people are watching now. Are People Still Watching The Streams When The Full Season Starts? I Believe The Majority Of People Watching Those Streams Are People's Alt Accounts Just Trying To Get Loads Of Drops But I Can't Really Comment On That Being A Bad Thing Since I Do Something Similar. We’d like to hear from you in the comments section if you’d like to participate.

To See Some Rlcs Drop Openings And Also We're Nothing To Something If So, What Item Would You Like To See Us Trade Up To I Was Thinking I Could Do A Long Series Where I'll Trade To An Octane Set, And Then Go From There Up To Black Dc's And It Would Just Keep Continuing Until I Stopped Trading I, Think That Would Be Some Great Content For Everyone And Can Give You Lots Of Tips Thank You For Watching If